Is it Haram to have a girlfriend online? Take the right decision

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Haram to have a girlfriend online

At this time, there is free movement of Muslim men and women on social media. We may not know that there are also rules of Haram and halal. And without knowing that, many Muslim boys are making girlfriends online. Nowadays, many incidents are happening due to fake ID in social media, scamming. There a boy is making another boy a girlfriend and a girl is making another girl a boyfriend.

Obscenity, haram videos, anti-social acts and cyber crimes are on the rise due to the unrestrained use of Facebook, Twitter, Googleplay, YouTube, Android among unknown boys and girls. What are the provisions of Islam in these cases?

Is it haram to have a girlfriend online in Islam?

Yes, it is haram to have a girlfriend online in Islam. It is as haram as having girl friends offline. There are many boys who may pray five times a day, fast in Ramadan, and are very interested in religion. But he has girlfriends online, but it is haram.

From the time of the Prophet until now, all types of relationships outside of marriage are completely forbidden in Islam. A boy and a girl talking to each other with lust, meeting in private, dating, chatting, touching, laughing, mischief are all forbidden in Islam, be it online.

These relationships are actually traps of Satan. Falling into this trap, both men and women rush to find out – with dire consequences. Run to hell.

Verses about have a girlfriend online

To get a clear idea about the prohibition of online friendship between boys and girls, I am presenting two verses of the Holy Quran-

In Surah Noor, verse 30, Allah Almighty declared to men:

Tell the believers to lower their gaze and guard their private parts. It has a lot of sanctity for them. Surely Allah is Aware of what they do.

In the next verse Allah Ta’ala says to women:

“Tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their genitals. Let them not display their beauty except that which is generally visible, and let them leave their veils in the bosom, and let them be their husbands, fathers, fathers-in-law, sons, husbands’ sons, brothers, nephews, sons-in-law, female slaves, sexless men. , and boys, who are ignorant of the private parts of women, do not reveal their beauty to anyone but them, let them not walk loudly to reveal their secret adornment. Believers, repent before Allah, all of you, so that you may succeed.’ (Surah Noor: Verse 31)

Allah Ta’ala revealed the verses for the Prophet’s wives:

O wives of the Prophet! You are not like other women (Jewish Christians). If you fear Allah, do not speak attractively, so that those among you who have sexual desire may be attracted to you. Instead, you speak normally. And stay in your dwellings, do not expose yourselves like the girls of the Jahili era.’ (Surah Ahzab: Verse 32)

Evidence of online girl friend haram

Haram to have a girlfriend online
Haram to have a girlfriend online

In the light of the mentioned verses, it can be understood that Islam does not support the free movement of men and women, speech and equal participation in various activities, not only in social media.

And if this free chatting, likes, comments, etc. is on the media like Facebook, Twitter, Googleplay, YouTube, Android, iPhone or RSS, and it increases the tendency of crime or violates the screen, then it is also prohibited in Islam.

So it is not right for women to make a friend of a stranger without need, similarly it is not right for a stranger to make a friend of a girl. Even if it is a friend, due importance must be given to objectionable, anti-social and religious matters.

It should not be that, using social media, no one should be humiliated personally, family, socially or nationally.

How to save yourself from having online girl friends?

To save yourself from having online girlfriend, you must first reduce your online wandering. If you have to use online communication media for any important matter of religion or world, the less talk is done, the safer and better.

The Qur’anic guidance or similitude in all these matters is such that Allah Ta’ala says-

And if you ask for anything from his (Rasulullah’s) wives, you will ask from behind the veil. It is a cause of greater purity for your hearts and for their hearts.’ (Surah Ahzab: Verse 53)

In the famous book of Tafsir Qurtabi, this verse is discussed, Allah Ta’ala permitted the wives of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam to ask for something or ask a matter from behind the veil for any need. So ordinary women are also included in the above command.


Online girlfriend is Haram. It’s clear. So no one should have any doubts about it. You can understand more deeply, the wives of the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam are the mothers of all believers. But if you want to talk with them, you have been told to do it from behind the screen. So it is easy to imagine how important this order is in the case of other common foreign women.

So it is very important to be careful in online communication media for men and women of any age to freely chat, make friends or exchange information.

May Allah Ta’ala grant all men and women of all ages of the Muslim Ummah the ability to use all social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Googleplay, YouTube, and Android according to the provisions of the Qur’an and Sunnah.


What makes online relationships problematic in Islam?

Online relationships are like offline relationships. It can lead to various potential harms, such as indecent conversation, sharing haram images, zina, social disorder and sin.

How to avoid illegal relationships online?

To avoid engaging in haram online, it is important to maintain proper boundaries, adhere to Islamic principles of modesty and chastity, avoid personal conversations with unrelated people, and seek guidance from wise people or scholars.

Are online girl friends for marriage forbidden?

Yes, online girlfriend for marriage purpose is haram. Islam encourages marriage as a proper and halal means of fulfilling one’s emotional and physical needs. Extramarital affairs, whether online or offline, are forbidden. Because they may be sinful and disobedient to Islamic teachings.

If someone has already indulged in haram online?

If someone has already indulged in haram online, then he should repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness. It is an important aspect of Islamic education. So if someone has indulged in haram online, they should sincerely repent. One should seek forgiveness from Allah and try to avoid similar behavior in future.

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