Is it Haram to watch movies? Research-based answers With FAQs

Suhel Ahmad

Haram watch movies

Before coming under the shadow of Deen, I used to watch many Hollywood movies. Sometimes comedy, sometimes action, romance, sci-fi, etc. At that time I did not know whether it was haram or not. Good things can rarely be learned from these movies.

There is no benefit other than a bit of entertainment and passing the time. Rather, most movies have dozens of haram triggers. Where there is no need to show the intimate moments of the hero-heroine, it will be shown with exaggeration.

This industry is full of obscenities. No matter if a book of pornographic stories comes out, the directors of this industry do not sleep until the story of that book is made into a script and turned into an animated film.

Is it Haram to watch movies?

Yes, it is haram to watch movies. This answer may seem difficult. Especially to my brothers and sisters who do not have enough knowledge about Islam. But when you know how these movies are destroying the character of Muslims. How much we are affected by watching movies. How big are these movies on the way to heaven in the afterlife, then you will not find it difficult. You know it’s Zina fo Eyes.

Haram watch movies

Because the real target of all these movies is to immerse you in character degradation, which will destroy your soul. Those who are still struggling to improve their souls, but have not stopped watching movies, will understand this with a little thought.

Looking back on the days of life, how many times have these movies acted as a trigger for you to waste time and indulge in sin? How many nights have you watched a movie and come across a scene that forced you to watch nude sex, ruining that night’s sleep, the next morning, and the whole day’s enthusiasm for work?

Why is it Haram to watch movies? a story

Once I was watching a movie made on the biography of a successful businessman. In the movie, a man named Jordan lives like any other middle-class family in America. But in his heart there was a great desire to succeed in life. So he joins a brokerage firm to realize his dream.

His eyes rolled up to his forehead when he saw the million dollar game there. How does a firm owner manage so much? What is the secret behind such great success in his life? These questions kept spinning in his head. One day he goes out for lunch with the owner of the farm. Taking this opportunity to ask,

Sir, what is the secret behind your success?
Malik: Look, you need two things to be successful in the broker business. First, you need to be relaxed.

  • Well, do you get the goods out of the body? Malik asked.
    Jordan, – Yes sir.
    -How many times a week?
  • 3-4 times.
  • How many times do I do, you know?
  • How many times?
  • I do that 2 times a day. Once in the morning after exercise, another time in the afternoon. That’s why I’m so relaxed. And the second thing is cocaine. It helps me work faster. He is also taught some devilish tricks to make more money.

Jordan takes this advice very well and in the later scenes of the movie, he uses the advice to become a billionaire.

Halal stories and halal characters

Watching movies of certain features will be halal. Because whether it is permissible to watch plays, movies, or read story books depends on their content.

If there is anything in them that contradicts reality and the principles of Islam, then it is forbidden to see or read it.

First comes the veil or girl without hijab policy. If it is broken, it is forbidden to see it. Then, if there is music, it is haram.

If there are things like extramarital activities of men and women, family problems of wife-mother-in-law-nons where they are slandering each other, showing alienation, then it will not be seen.

Many things are shown or written in the name of science fiction that question the existence of God, show things that only God can do, fallacies that contradict the descriptions of the Qur’an and Hadith. These will be forbidden.

Many show the use of witchcraft (Harry Potter) which is completely heresy. These are also forbidden.

Some movies teach the sixteen arts of crime. Which acts as an important part for the creation of Fitna. The most important thing is that they keep spinning in people’s heads and shake their faith in many cases. and wastes time.

Many will say that we only watch or read them for entertainment and as a way to pass the time. But entertainment is not allowed which is haram and time is very precious thing for a believer.

Abu Hurairah (RA) said, The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, One of the signs of a person’s perfection in Islam is that he abandons what is not necessary for him. (Jamee at-Tirmidhi 2239)

How can a Muslim protect himself in the movie? Six ways

Those Muslims who want to get rid of movie addiction should refrain from these movies. Those who are not watching bad videos but watch movies and TV series regularly should also boycott these movies. Because even those who are badly addicted today did not see it once.

  • Strengthening Faith: The foundation of avoiding harmful activities lies in strengthening one’s faith and commitment to Islamic principles. Engage in regular prayers, Quranic recitation, and seeking knowledge about Islam to fortify your beliefs.
  • Mindful Media Consumption: Be conscious of what you expose yourself to. Avoid places or platforms where movies are readily accessible. This might mean limiting time spent on streaming services, social media, or entertainment websites.
  • Cultivating Alternative Hobbies: Replace movie-watching with constructive activities that align with Islamic values. Engage in hobbies such as reading Islamic literature, learning a new skill, volunteering, or spending quality time with family and friends.
  • Accountability Partners: Seek support from like-minded individuals who share your commitment to avoiding movies. Surround yourself with friends or family members who can encourage and remind you of your goal when faced with temptation.
  • Utilizing Parental Controls: If you live in a household where others watch movies, utilize parental controls on electronic devices or streaming services to restrict access to inappropriate content. This can help create a conducive environment for adhering to Islamic principles.
  • Seeking Refuge in Allah: Ultimately, turning to Allah for guidance and seeking refuge in Him is paramount. Pray for strength and protection from temptations, and sincerely repent if you do falter. Remember that Allah is oft-forgiving and merciful to those who strive to uphold His commands.


Haram watch movies
Haram watch movies

Is watching horror movies haram in Islam?

Yes it is haram to watch horror movies. Because most of the stories presented in horror movies are metaphorical and contrived, they have no basis in reality. Secondly, horror movies contain vulgar and open depictions of women’s bodies, which Islam never supports. Moreover, various types of immoral and unacceptable images and characters are presented in these movies, which lead people towards moral degradation. That is why they are forbidden.

Is it haram to watch movies with music?

Yes, watching movies with music is forbidden. Because music is fundamentally forbidden in Islam. Although in some cases some scholars have imposed the condition of music haram. But the accepted word is that music is haram. And in movies where music is used, if there is no other reason, the music alone will be haram. And if there are other reasons with it, there is no question.

Is it haram to watch movies about Prophets?

There is a debate on whether or not it is haram to watch movies made about prophets. According to a group of Islamic scholars, the character of the prophets shown in these movies is a distortion of the original prophet. So it is forbidden to see it.

And according to another group of scholars, the person playing the role of the prophet here is a metaphorical body. Everyone knows that he is not a real prophet. So it is halal. But they are unanimous that if there is any other haram reason in the movie about the Prophets then it will be haram.

What does Islam say about movies with mixed content?

Movies contain a mixture of authorized and unauthorized content. Watching movies is prohibited in such cases as well. Because it is not then possible to weigh the overall content and determine whether the positives outweigh the negatives. So it is advisable to exercise caution and prudence.

Can watching movies for educational or informational purposes be permissible?

In some cases, watching movies for educational or informational purposes may be permitted, provided the content is beneficial and does not violate Islamic principles. For example, documentaries, historical dramas, or educational films that promote knowledge, critical thinking, and moral values may be considered acceptable.

What about animated movies or cartoons?

Watching animated films or cartoons is halal if it does not violate Islamic boundaries. Especially if they are aimed at children and contain wholesome, educational content. But the same principles of avoiding offensive material still apply, and care should be taken in selecting appropriate content.

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