Is online dating in Roblox Haram? Clear and documented answers

Suhel Ahmad

Is online dating in Roblox Haram

Yes, online dating in Roblox is haram. One of the most popular online adult dating sites is Roblox. On this site, people post various things on their profiles to attract others to them. Some of these things irritate rather than attract others. In fact it is not only haram but also considered zina.

Islamic teachings emphasize decency, decency, and avoiding sinful behavior or actions that may lead to harm. Dating, especially in an online context where interactions can be less controlled and potentially lead to inappropriate behavior, these policies are prohibited.

Islam emphasizes the protection of chastity of every human being and immoral behavior. It is therefore forbidden to engage in any activity or environment that violates Islamic values

Since Roblox is an online platform where users can interact with others and engage in various activities, it is haram. Because engaging in online dating is viewed by some scholars as inappropriate or contrary to Islamic teachings.

What is online dating in Roblox?

Online dating in Roblox refers to users engaging in romantic or intimate relationships within the context of the Roblox platform. Roblox is a popular online gaming platform where users can create and play games, as well as socialise with other users. While the platform is primarily intended for gaming and creativity, some users may attempt to use it for dating purposes.

Roblox strictly prohibits online dating within its platform. The platform’s community guidelines expressly forbid any content or behaviour geared towards dating or romantic relationships. This is due to concerns about the safety and well-being of its young user base, as well as the potential for inappropriate interactions.

Roblox has implemented various measures to combat online dating, including moderation systems, reporting tools, and automated filters to detect and remove inappropriate content. Users who are found to be engaging in online dating may face penalties, such as warnings, bans, or restrictions on their accounts.

Why online dating in Roblox haram?

Is online dating in Roblox Haram
Is online dating in Roblox Haram?

Physical relationship is a sin, but having a mental relationship is not a sin, those who have such strange ideas, or have such beliefs, show these logics to justify love with words, in fact they are Muslims and ignorant of their own religion.

Before marriage between any stranger boys and girls say love, say friendship, say mental or physical relationship, just talk/chat on phone, say whatever” which is strictly forbidden in Islam.


In hadiths, zina of the eyes looking with the eyes, zina of the ears listening with the ears (phone talk, listening to romantic conversations), zina of the hands touching with the hands, romantic talk zina of the tongue, (for dating or adultery) zina of the feet when walking, imagination of zina What do you imagine with a strange girl-boy? Then shame completes it or leaves it incomplete”. (Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih al-Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud, Sunan an-Nasa’i.)

Those who say online dating in Roblox is halal

So those of you who want to make online dating halal by showing various logics about love, tell me in which aspect of the hadith that sex called love has been made halal?

Allah Ta’ala declares all zina haram and says:

“Do not even approach the verge of fornication, for it is a most shameless and evil deed.” (Surah Bani Isra’il: 32)

There is no lack of evidence in the Quran and Hadith that love, friendship, online dating, chatting between boys and girls before marriage is haram. For those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, 1 verse, 1 hadith is enough to turn back from the forbidden path.

Online dating in Roblox before marriage

All forms of love before marriage are illegal, impure because they come from Satan’s mischief. So those who do online dating in Roblox before marriage will be considered to be indulging in Haram.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “When a man is with a woman
Meeting in private (whether on the phone, chatting or dating), then their third companion is Satan.” (Tirmidhi, Mishkat)

This is the status of haram love. For those who engage in such fornication, there is severe punishment in this world and the hereafter, and there is a terrible punishment in the grave.

Brothers and sisters, there is still a chance to repent from this haram and Satan’s path, Allah has forbidden all fornication, making marriage lawful. The Prophet (PBUH) said, “There is nothing better than marriage for mutual love between two people.” (Ibn Majah, 1847)


Why is online dating illegal on Roblox?

Engaging in online dating on Roblox can lead to such interactions. It can lead to rude behavior, inappropriate conversation or even emotional harm. So Islamic teachings forbid it to protect one’s chastity.

What does Islamic teaching say about dating?

Islamic teachings emphasize maintaining modesty, avoiding situations that may lead to sin or harm, and preserving one’s chastity. Dating, especially in an online context, can potentially lead to behavior that contradicts these principles.

Are there specific guidelines in Islam regarding online interaction?

Although Islamic teachings provide general principles about appropriate behavior, there may not be specific guidelines for addressing online interactions. However, the same principles of modesty, decency and avoiding harm apply in online settings.

Can I seek guidance from an Islamic scholar?

Yes, it is recommended to seek guidance from knowledgeable religious authorities or scholars who can provide insight into Islamic ethics and behavior in the online environment.

Are there online dating options on Roblox?

Yes, there are alternative ways to meet people and build relationships consistent with Islamic values, such as family introductions, community events, or marriage services that prioritize harmony and mutual respect.

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