Is scamming Haram? Save yourself save others

Suhel Ahmad

scamming Haram

Yes, any kind of scamming and evasion is Haram. No man can do it. Human integrity requires sincerity, justice and simplicity. There is no room for deception, deceit, lies, cunning and evasion. So All this is Haram in Islam.

He said in several hadiths:

مَنْ غَشَّنَا فَلَيْسَ مِنَّا

‘He who deceives us is not of us.’ (Muslim)

In another hadith, the beloved Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, declared, ‘It is also cheating that you do not increase the price to deceive the buyer.’

Biswanabi has forbidden to deceive people in buying and selling. It has been mentioned in the hadith-

‘The merchant will not meet (advise) the caravan to buy (at a low price) before reaching the market. Do not put milk on the udder of an animal and do not try to cheat others to sell their goods.’ (Tirmidhi)

What is scamming in Islam?

People are victims of scamming in many ways. Such as adulteration in speech, action, transaction, trade, concealment of defects in goods, cheating people, lottery, Movies, adding formalin to foodstuff, counterfeiting money, underweight, supplying inferior goods with good ones, swearing falsely, bearing false witness. , leaving hospital duties to see patients in private chambers, skipping school and doing coaching-trading etc.

In a word, scamming is any way to deceive people or animals. Allah Ta’ala says, ‘They deceive Allah and the believers. But in this, they do not deceive anyone but themselves. But they do not feel it.’ (Surah Baqarah: 9).

Quranic verses and hadiths

The matter is clarified in the narrations of the Holy Qur’an and Hadith. scamming is always Haram, be it Muslim or non-Muslim. A true Muslim is always guided towards truthfulness. That is, he avoids cheating and blasphemy at all costs.

Rasulullah (s.a.w.) said, He who takes up arms against us is not our people, and whoever deceives us, he is not our people. -Sahih Muslim

In another hadith, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was passing by a pile of food grains in the market. He put his hand inside it and felt the wetness. But the outside of the pile was dry. He asked the owner of this product, what’s the matter?

The man said, O Messenger of God! This crop is spoiled by rain. Rasulullah (s.a.) said to him, why did not you put the food grains damaged by the rain on the top of the pile? Then people would see it. The deceiver is none of us. (Sahih Muslim)

Why is scamming Haram?

The foundation of Muslim society is the purity of feelings, love, compassion for every Muslim and fulfilment of commitments to everyone in society. The members of this society are distinguished by the virtue of fearing Allah, truthfulness and faithfulness. Fraud or deception is contrary to the noble character of a true Muslim. There is no place in Islam for frauds, cheats, deceivers, tricksters and traitors.

Scamming Haram is a heinous sin in the eyes of Islam. The Prophet (PBUH) condemned the deceivers and did not include them in Muslim society. Not only that; He declares that every traitor will be resurrected on the day of judgment bearing the banner of their treachery.

A summoner in the great arena of Hashar would point the finger at the deceiver and call attention to him by shouting, “On the Day of Resurrection every traitor will have a flag and his type of deception will be displayed.” – Sahih Bokhari

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said Allah said, “I will oppose three types of people on the Day of Resurrection.” One of them – who did not keep his word.

People should stay away from all deception. Cheating is common in exams, business transactions, and even between spouses or loved ones.

Punishment of scamming in Islam

scamming Haram
Scamming Haram

Earthly punishment for scamming

There are two earthly punishments for Haram scamming.

  • Punishment in the judgment of the country. Scamming is a crime under the prevailing laws of the country.
  • Punishment in natural justice. For example, not being blessed in the sense of cheating, being engrossed in various troubles, always suffering from illness, suffering, etc.

Punishment of scamming after death

The punishment for scamming in the hereafter is extremely severe and shocking. There are three types of punishment in the Hereafter.

  • One. Haram is the punishment for committing sins. And poets, the punishment of sinners is hell.
  • Two. Punishment for violating the rights of a slave. Allah will not forgive the right of the servant if the servant does not forgive. The Prophet (PBUH) asked the Companions, “Who among you is destitute?” The Companions said, “O Messenger of Allah! He who has no money. Rasul (pbuh) said, ‘No. The truly poor are the people who will rise in the Hereafter with good deeds, But they will go to hell. Because he abused someone in the world, cheated, destroyed the rights of others, etc. Those people will claim their dues from him in the field of judgment. In return, he will be obliged to give all his good. When the good ends, he will have nothing left to give. Then he will enter hell with the burden of the sins of the creditors on his head.’ (Muslim: 6343).
  • Three. Humiliation in front of the people of Hashar. Rasulullah (s.a.w.) said, “For every deceiver, there will be a flag on his (hip) on the Day of Resurrection. And the flag will be raised according to the amount of treachery. Be careful! There is no greater deceiver than the one who betrays the ruler of the people.’ (Muslim: 4388).

How to recognize a scammer in Islam

Rasulullah (s.a.w.) said about deceivers, there are four characteristics; Anyone who has all of these is a real cheater. And whoever has any of these features – he has an aspect of hypocrisy until he abandons it.

The four characteristics are-

  • If he is trusted, he commits treason.
  • When he speaks, he lies.
  • If you make a promise, you break it.
  • Slander others during quarrels. (Sahih Bukhari and Muslim)

The true feeling of Islam exists in the Muslims. He never cheats, cheats, betrays and avoids lying. Because of these natures, even if he has the opportunity to gain something materially, he does not do it. Because Islam considers the criminals involved in these crimes as hypocrites.

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