Is It Haram to Have a Crush? Debunking the Myth of Wrong Love

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Is It Haram to Have a Crush

Is It Haram to Have a Crush? Debunking the Myth of Wrong Love. Are you curious about the religious implications of having a crush? Learn the answer to ‘Is it haram to have a crush?’ and find perspective on this shared experience in relationships. Is It Wrong to Have a Crush? Debunking the Myth of Haram Love

Are you curious about the religious implications of having a crush? Learn the answer to ‘Is it haram to have a crush?’ and find perspective on this shared experience in relationships. Haram, crush. Is It Wrong to Have a Crush? Debunking the Myth of Haram Love.

Is It Haram to Have a Crush?

Yes, having a crush is forbidden. It is a deception of Satan. You could not protect the eyes and mind. So Satan has taken over your mind and eyes. If you don’t remove it, Satan will lead you further down the path of hell.

Because the devil would not mislead you, you stared at girls all day long. You drink the charms of beautiful women, thinking, “I will offer prayers at night as an atonement”, but in the end you will find that the prayers will not be offered anymore.

If there is no sincerity about deeds, eye care will not be done. Satan will continue to deceive you in this direction. It will open all the way for your crush to get involved in the haram relationship.

How to avoid a Haram crush?

Avoiding haram crush is difficult but possible. While walking on the road, you must look at the ground, not stand, and hang out around the road, on the sidewalks of girls’ schools. Places where there is a lot of traffic of girls or places where free mixing is more likely should be avoided.

The Sahaba (RA), the Tabi’i, and the pious people of the previous era should know about eye protection. They should be taken as competitors; If they can, why can’t I?

One should stay away from movies, plays, music, and entertainment. The pages of newspapers should be carefully avoided. A very effective way is to keep track of how many times you fail to protect your eyes in a day. Then perform Nafal Salat by performing two Rakats for each time as expiation.

If you are unable to protect your eyes a total of 10 times one day, then offer a total of 20 rakat nafal prayers for these 10 times. Keep doing this.

Why does the thought of having a crush come to mind?

The devil puts the thought of having a crush on us in many ways. He leads us astray. Another way to think about having a crush is through social media. You will notice, you have no bad intentions, just sit on social media to watch a good video, then some videos will keep peeping in the suggestion list.

Even if you don’t want to look at it, sometimes the eyes will go away. And then the devil will come and catch him. There, you will see many people making fun of their crushes. It motivates you.

Facebook is like a knife. A knife in the hands of a doctor saves life, in the hands of a colorist it takes away life. So is Facebook. Facebook will change the course of your life if you use it well. And if you are a little careless, life will be ruined.

Facebook was not like this once, the competition of knowledge, the competition of beauty, the competition to show the happiness of married life, the competition to show the strength of power, the show of one’s personal, family, social life was not on Facebook. Now, how many boys and girls are inviting others to Haram by posting pictures of their crushes on Facebook?

The crush itself will not disappoint

Think about how many times the thought of having a crush has ruined the flavor of your life. Killed the will to live. Has created unrest, unrest. Seeing selfies of friends in expensive restaurants, pictures of trips abroad, you are restless, restless. When your friends post pictures of their crushes and fake happiness on social media, your heart is poisoned.

Maybe seeing people’s crushes has accumulated moss of despair in your mind. Sighs fell one after another. Nothing happened in life! The moss of despair grew thicker, greener. How many times Satan has found you in this moment of despair?

But today is the time to vent your frustration. If you can recover from a crush in this world, then Allah will give you in the Hereafter. Incomparable beauty Hur will wait for you in paradise.

The Permissibility of Having a Crush in Islam

The Concept of a Crush

Having a crush on someone is a natural phenomenon that many experience at some point. It involves intense feelings of attraction and Infatuation towards a person in Islam. Specific guidelines govern relationships between individuals of the opposite sex to maintain modesty and Prevent misconduct. Therefore. The permissibility of having a crush on Islam has been a topic of discussion among Muslim scholars and Individuals striving to practice their faith.

Is it haram to have a crush?
Is It Haram to Have a Crush

Having a crush itself is not considered haram in Islam. It is essential to ensure that one does not engage in any prohibited or immoral behavior due to having a crush. Islam encourages modesty and The preservation of chastity. So, any actions or thoughts that may lead to crossing these boundaries would be considered sinful. It is essential to exercise self-control and Maintain respectful interactions with others.

Can a Muslim marry their crush?

Yes. It is permissible for a Muslim to marry someone they have a crush on. It provided that Islamic principles carry out the whole process principles, and It is essential to involve the families. Seek parental consent. Conduct the marriage ceremony as per the customs and Traditions of Islam. Proper Islamic guidelines for marriage. Such as obtaining a marriage contract and Fulfilling the rights and Responsibilities of both partners. It should be followed.

What does Islam say about unrequited love?

Islam recognizes that unrequited love can be a challenging emotional experience. At the same time, it is natural to develop feelings for someone who may not reciprocate them. Islam encourages individuals to deal with such situations with patience and Emotional maturity. One should focus on personal growth. He seeks support from loved ones and diverts their attention towards productive endeavors rather than dwelling on unrequited love.

Is it permissible to express feelings of attraction to someone in Islam?

In Islam. Expressing feelings of attraction to someone is generally discouraged unless appropriately done, Modest. It is essential to maintain modesty and Observe boundaries set by Islamic teachings. Expressing attraction should be done solely to consider marriage with the involvement of families’ proper protocols. It is essential to avoid engaging in any sinful or inappropriate behavior when expressing such feelings.

What is the Islamic perspective on crushes during adolescence?

During adolescence. It is natural for individuals to develop feelings of attraction or Infatuation towards others. Islam acknowledges these feelings but emphasizes the importance of maintaining modesty and Controlling one’s actions. Islam encourages individuals to focus on personal development To avoid engaging in forbidden behavior. It is essential to remember that any physical or emotional relationship outside the bounds of marriage is not permissible in Islam during adolescence or at any other stage of life.

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