Is it Haram to kiss on the lips? Yes and no, both answers

Suhel Ahmad

Is it Haram to kiss on the lips

Kissing is a matter of human nature. Through this, man gets pleasure, and his mind is cheerful. But kissing must be the halal way. Is it Haram to kiss on the lips? This is also a question.

Because we like to kiss different parts of our loved one’s body like lips, nose, throat, neck, armpits, chest, navel, thighs, etc, not everyone can be kissed in all places.

Because Islam has not Haram kissing in general but has set a specific limit for it, we cannot kiss anyone on any part. Can we kiss our wives on the lips? Even if this question is asked, it will be Haram in the case of others.

Is it Haram to kiss on the lips?

No, it is Haram to kiss on the lips. But you can kiss your wife on the lips. However, it is not clear who to kiss in the question. But we’re assuming you’ve legitimately asked for a kiss.

Kissing anyone other than your wife on the lips is forbidden. Like girlfriend, prostitute, friend, etc. Islam only allows the enjoyment of pleasure with one’s wife after marriage. So you cannot give your husband or wife’s due to someone else.

In Islam, it is forbidden for a husband and wife to use their anus during play. Besides, all other behavior is generally halal as long as it does not lead to impurity. As many people these days like to abuse at particular times, it is not good practice and Haram.

Many people question mouthing; there is disagreement, but it is best not to engage in this questionable behavior. This is the safe way.

Now, kissing on the lips does not fall under anything forbidden; it is a natural human trait. An important Sunnah of Rasulullah (SAW) is to kiss one’s wife. You are expressing a desire to wife through kisses and hugs before play.

Don’t conform directly like an animal. Reciting Dua, even if you are satisfied, do not leave your wife unsatisfied after playing the obligatory bath together, etc.

Why is it not Haram?

Because Islam has provided a clear and specific way of life for the Muslim nation, every Muslim can make his life peaceful in this world and the next by following that system of life.

There, the husband and wife can enjoy themselves in every way. And kissing is a way to cheer up the mind. That is why husband and wife can kiss each other on the lips. Through this, the bond between them will become stronger. Love for both will increase.

So a husband can kiss his wife on the lips and any part, such as the forehead, cheeks, chest, breast, stomach, navel, thigh, hip, knee, foot, and armpit. Even kissing the private part will not be Haram.

Evidence of kissing the wife’s body

It is lawful for the husband and wife to kiss and caress, and it is not makruh for them.

Because the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to kiss his wife while fasting and also made love while fasting, and he was very reticent about sex.

In another narration, Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) used to kiss his wife while fasting during Ramadan, In the month of fasting.

Ayesha (ra) said, ‘The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) used to kiss me. And at that time, we were both fasting.

Umm Salamah (may Allah be pleased with her) said: He used to do the same with her. And Hafsa (R.A.) also said the same.

Umar (R.A.) said, “Once, while I was fasting to please my wife, I kissed her.” Then I came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said:

Today, I made a big mistake; I have kissed my wife while fasting.” The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said, ‘What do you think about washing oneself with water while fasting?’ I said, ‘There is no harm in that.” He said, ‘Then what’s wrong?’

Whose lips is it Haram to kiss?

Is it Haram to kiss on the lips
Is it Haram to kiss on the lips

Kissing anyone other than one’s wife on the lips is Haram. It is a type of Jina. That is the lips or face. For example, there are eye, hand, and foot stairs. It is essential to save such poets from sins.

Because Allah Ta’ala has commanded in the Qur’an Sharif, do not even go to Jinnah. These include going to Jina. To receive forgiveness, repentance must be done. Allah forgives these by some good deeds and charity.

Even if a boy kisses another boy, it is Haram. In the present age, we are living in temptation. All around us are gay marches. They are making unnatural and unethical activities among us fluent and easy.

One of them is attracting boys to boys, attracting girls to girls. So, if a boy kisses another boy on the lips, it will encourage homosexuality. That is why it is Haram.

But if a person kisses one of his students on the forehead without sexual desire, it will not be Haram. It is an expression of love and prayers.

Is it forbidden for a girl to kiss another girl on the lips?

Yes, it is Haram to kiss any girl another girl on the lips. Because it is an expression of homosexuality. Homosexuality is strictly prohibited in Islam. Allah Ta’ala punished the people who indulged in homosexuality in a way that is rare in the history of the world.

The community of Lut Alaihis salam indulged in homosexuality. They were attracted to men and women, to women. That is why Allah raised their dwellings towards the sky and threw them to the ground, and till now, they are remembered in the history of the world as a cursed nation. So, it is Haram to kiss a girl on the lips.


Is kissing on the lips Haram after marriage?

Yes, kissing on the lips is Haram after marriage. Islamic teaching prohibits physical intimacy outside of valid marriage. Therefore, unmarried couples are forbidden to engage in intimate acts, including kissing on the lips.

Is it Haram to kiss the wife’s lips in public?

Yes, it is Haram to kiss a wife’s lips in public. Islam encourages modesty. Anything that is excessively or inappropriately public is forbidden. Acts of intimacy, including kissing, are private matters between spouses. So he should do it indoors, not on the street.

Is it Haram to kiss your baby on the lips?

No, kissing your baby on the lips is not Haram. Parents must treat children with affection; another means of showing affection is kissing them. Children’s lips, noses, and cheeks are kissed by fathers lovingly. It remains valid for them.

But if a child is approaching adulthood, kissing him on the lips is not appropriate. Because, in many cases, it can lead to undesirable events.

Moreover, Islam has ordered children to separate their beds when they reach ten years of age. After reaching that age, mental changes occur in them, and lust manifests.

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