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Suhel Ahmad

watching movies Haram

In the movies that are popular in the world, Many people are watching; girls and women are seen in scantily clad clothes, naked, and saying obscene words; people, children, teenagers, and young people are allowed to do Haram and teach haram love.

Rasulullah (s.a.w.s.) said, ‘It is not for the eye to look at a strange woman, it is not for the tongue to speak obscene words, it is not for the hand to touch someone illegally… it is not for the mind to imagine and desire. Then shame completes it or leaves it incomplete.

Is watching the movies Haram?

Yes, watching movies is Haram. If any haram scene or subject remains in the film, it is Haram to watch. And if there is no forbidden thing, it is lawful to see it. Because whether there is something Haram or not, that is the main issue.

So whether a movie is considered Haram or not depends on its content. If anything in them contradicts the reality and principles of Islam, then it is forbidden to see it.

First comes the veil or hijab policy. If it is broken, it is Haram to watch. Then, if there is music, it is Haram. If there are things like extramarital activities of men and women, family problems of wife-mother-in-law-nons where they are slandering each other, showing alienation, then it will not be seen.

Many things are shown or written in the name of science fiction that question the existence of God, display things that only God can do, and fallacies that contradict the descriptions of the Qur’an and Hadith. These will be forbidden.

Many show the use of witchcraft (Harry Potter), which is entirely heretical. These are also forbidden. Some movies teach the sixteen arts of crime, which is an essential part of the creation of Fitna.

Most importantly, they often keep spinning in people’s heads and shake their faith. And wastes time. Many will say that we only watch or read them for entertainment and to pass the time. But entertainment is forbidden, which is Haram, and time is precious for a believer.

watching movies Haram
watching movies Haram

Movie Haram Evidence

“Surely those who wish to spread indecency among the believers will have a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter. And Allah knows, and you do not know.”
(An-Noor: 19)

The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, “No adulterer commits adultery in the state of a believer at the time of adultery. No thief steals while a believer. A drunkard does not drink alcohol while a believer and a plunderer does not plunder while a believer.’ (Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawud)

The Prophet ﷺ said: “I saw in a dream a hearth whose upper part was narrow and the lower part was wide, and there was fire. It was getting hot; the men and women inside were chirping.

When the flame of fire rises, they rise, and when the fire subsides, they go down; they are always in this state. I asked Gabriel: Who are they? Jibraeel (Alaihi Wasallam) said: They are men and women who commit illicit sex. (Sahih

Why is it Haram to watch movies?

Watching movies is Haram for many reasons. For example –

  1. Gayer Mahram: It is prohibited for men to see women whom it is permissible to marry. Women can only see men who are mahram, i.e., those whom it is acceptable to match if there is a need, such as showing a male doctor if there is no female doctor, asking a fatwa from a mufti, learning religion from a scholar, etc.

Watching men or women in movies is not necessary; it is forbidden and a waste of precious time. Seeing mahrams in the body creates a lust for the opposite sex in the hearts of people. It is completely Haram to see all these Kuffaar, bedeen, and Khabis nature women and men.

  1. Obscenity: The main attraction of people towards dramas and movies is the obscene pictures and stories, which encourage people towards adultery. But Islam has prohibited all obscenities. It is not surprising that many men and women in school and college are indulging in promiscuous kisses like those who watch the culture of infidels on TV.
  2. Singing: Singing makes people forget the remembrance of Allah and the Hereafter and encourages them to transgress the Haram and limits.
  3. In all these programs, the disbelievers are subtly instilling shirk and kufr in the hearts of Muslims. At present, most of the houses run Hindi serials. All those houses enter before the call to prayer at the mosque and before the hour of worship for the Hindus. Our condition as a Muslim nation is very shameful.

How do you protect yourself from watching Haram movies?

  1. Spend time with scholars offline. Take time from them.
  2. Be yourself. Make a circle. Make a plan with them on how to move forward on the path of Deen.
  3. Get the whole circle involved in the mosque’s work. There can be a religious identity beyond Tabligh’s Sathi, pair’s murid, etc., and the matter should be normalized. You may be known as ‘Mosque Force’. You are in all the activities of the mosque. This is your identity in the area.
  4. Keep an Alim in the circle as an elder brother, guru, and mentor. Everyone trains around him every day. Masala held a learning session. Find out who has problems in the area. Help those who are sick, in debt, and needy regions. Consult daily on what to do in the area. Decide who can make da’wah to whom. Share the work.
  5. Organize street dawah once a week with a leaflet booklet. One day, he did the lesson—5 book lectures in 50 minutes.
  6. Do one extensive program a month. Islahi Jod, Seerah Quiz, or any other competition. There may be a tournament. Stay strong, everyone. Or career counseling in high school colleges, programs on porn-screen addiction.
  7. Symptoms of Zina: Abstaining from love affairs, secret intercourse, living alone with a male mahram, transgressing the veil, etc.
  8. Remembering that Allah sees everything, He will also see my condition, and even if no one sees it now, it will be revealed in front of everyone on the Day of Resurrection. Then there will be no shame.
  9. If you are not married, get married; if not, fast. And even after having a wife, if you are attracted to a woman, thinking that what she has, my wife also has, then why should you be attracted to her unnecessarily?


What kind of movie is Haram to watch?

Movies that contain explicit scenes of nudity, sexual content, violence, blasphemy, or promote values contrary to Islamic teachings are prohibited. So, it is essential to be aware of the content and the movies that influence the beliefs of the Muslim community.

Anime and cartoon movies are Haram?

Anime Anime may be Haram or halal, depending on the content and application. That being said, as long as the content is free from inappropriate themes, it can be acceptable. However, opinions may differ on this matter.

Can Muslims watch historical or educational movies?

Many scholars allow viewing educational and historical content as long as it does not violate Islamic principles. However, care should be taken to avoid scenes or descriptions that conflict with Islamic values.

Is it halal to watch movies with moral messages?

Some scholars argue that watching movies with positive messages or moral teachings can be acceptable if they align with Islamic values. However, it would be Haram if there were women and music.

What is the Islamic view of cinema and filmmaking?

Islam has a different approach to cinema and filmmaking. It will be halal if the content and everything else aligns with Islamic teachings. One can take guidance and consult wise scholars for more precise understanding.

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