Is Is it Haram to go to a haunted house? Learn the terrible truth

Suhel Ahmad

Is Is it Haram to go to a haunted house

Today, some superstitions have entered, which can slowly lead people to shirk and kufr. One such thing – is Is it haram to go to a haunted house? These are the responsibility of every Muslim to survive the superstitions that destroy people’s faith and practice.

Is Is it haram to go to a haunted house?

No, it is not haram to go to a haunted house. However, in some hadiths it is said that the devil resides in places that are dirty or unclean and isolated from people. So we can say that burnt house where people don’t live, devils live there.

But if you want to go there for any need then it will not be haram for you. You can visit the burnt house if you need. It is an Attic superstition that it is forbidden to go to a burnt house. So Muslims can go to any burnt house.

Hinduism holds that it is inauspicious to visit burnt houses or cremation grounds where people do not live. But Islam does not believe in anything called evil.

Whatever is written in your Takbeer will come to your destiny wherever you go. However, going to certain places is haram such as cinema halls, night clubs, brothels, places where sin is committed freely. If you go to those places it will be haram.

These common superstitions

To warn people from these common superstitions, various superstitions prevalent in different regions of the country are mentioned:

  1. Eggs should not be eaten before going for the test. Then you will get eggs (golla) in the test.
  2. The new wife should be brought home in her arms, and Dula Bhai will take her in her arms.
  3. The shop’s first customer did not return.
  4. If the new wife is allowed to sit in a soft place in her father-in-law’s house, the mood of the wife is soft.
  5. If a cat is killed, two and a half kg of salt has to be given as ‘sadaka’.
  6. Saying ‘Bismillah’ while taking medicine increases the disease.
  7. Twins are born by eating a pair of bananas.
  8. Do not cut nails, hair, beard, etc. at night.
  9. If the first child dies, the ears of the next child must be pierced, thereby giving him a long life.
  10. Chickens cannot be slaughtered by brothers and sisters.
  11. The dirty water of the house should not be thrown out of the house at night, it brings bad luck to the family.
  12. His journey is inauspicious when he is called from behind while leaving the house.
  13. When a frog calls, it rains.
  14. If the Qur’an Sharif falls from one’s hand, two and a half kilos of rice must be given as ‘sadaqa’, otherwise one’s hair will stand up.
  15. When little children lose their teeth, they must be put into the rat hole, otherwise the teeth will become crooked.
Is Is it Haram to go to a haunted house
Is Is it Haram to go to a haunted house

Some more superstitions

  1. Eating chicken head does not allow parents to be near at the time of death.
  2. It is forbidden to look back when leaving the house; It breaks the journey or the journey is inauspicious.
  3. It is forbidden to sit with half of the body in the sun entering the room. Then you have to suffer from fever.
  4. Bamboo cannot be cut at night.
  5. It is forbidden to pluck leaves and pick fruits at night.
  6. If a widow comes out of the house, the journey is inauspicious.
  7. Sitting on the edge of the house is a sign of poverty.
  8. Women must wear something of green cloth on special days and cannot eat anything from their hands.
  9. A widow must, however, wear white clothes.
  10. Face cannot be seen with a broken mirror, it is unlucky, the brightness of the face is lost.
  11. When the right palm itches, money comes, and when the left palm itches, danger comes.
  12. Before wearing new clothes, they should be burnt.
  13. Don’t look back after wearing new clothes.
  14. When the sister is beaten, the hands of the uncle tremble at the time of death.
  15. If a woman is widowed in the month of Ashwin, she is not remarried.
  16. It is forbidden to propose marriage to anyone on Monday.
  17. There is no needle and thread to be given to anyone at night.
  18. It is acceptable to sew the ginge and towel and use them if they are torn.
  19. Empty rooms must be lit in the evening, otherwise danger is inevitable.
  20. When you hear the name of the Prophet (PBUH), you kiss your hands, similarly when you see a picture of Makkah-Madinah, you kiss.


Is it right to wear burnt clothes and torn shoes?

Superstitions are related to beliefs. Belief permeates human life. Superstitions are born out of blind imitation without reason. The long-cherished customs, proverbs and sayings of the ancestors reinforce the foundation of superstition in the human brain. The degree of prejudice may vary across societies, castes, castes, religions and regions, but none of them are free from the chains of prejudice.

Islam has nothing to do with superstition. Rasulullah (s.a.w.) in his Farewell Hajj speech attacked the root of superstition and said,

“All the evil practices of the Jahili period were thrown under my feet.” (Ibn Majah, Hadith: 3074)

What happens when women dry their wet clothes outside?

There is no veil limit in Islam. The screen will loop repeatedly. First just ask to cover the hair. It will be said that women can do all jobs or work with veil.

Women’s normal veil is burqa. Then think about using hand socks for the fingers.

Then say the veil that does not go out of the woman’s room.

O women, stay at home (Quran: Ahzaab: 33)

  • Women’s business is veil
  • Screen not talking to men.

In this way, to increase the dose, the fantasy of religion goes to the dress of women. A woman was drying clothes outside. So Mulla Swami burnt the clothes.

An Iranian woman uploaded a few photos of herself wearing a shirt and pants while on a trip to Turkey. After coming to Iran, her husband killed her for this crime.

The issue of custody of the Islamic vision has come strongly and comprehensively which is not found in other religions. Their argument is that demand should not be over-suppressed by force. It adds more attraction. The meaning is opposite to the beat. Therefore Buddhism and other like-minded religions say to adopt a middle approach regarding the veil.

Why are women forbidden to go to the crematorium?

There are certain social norms that are not harmful if ignored after a while. It is clear that with logic, there is no problem if they are not accepted. All the reasons related to the prohibition of women going to crematoriums have therefore gone out of favor in today’s urban society.

However, in many regions, the reasons behind women not attending funerals are still strictly adhered to! Which started with conservatism.

Nowadays, cars are available to carry the dead body, but until a few years ago, cremators used to carry the body on their shoulders. They used to march through the road and reach the crematorium.

This was the first stage of cremation. Last service for the family. But conservatism does not allow women to step out. However, there is no question of marching. That is why women are prohibited from going to crematoriums.

However, excluding this social context, five other arguments are presented. Some of them are implausible, some are partially true, some are completely meaningless. Anyway, let’s move on to that.

But this is no longer the same as going to a haunted house. Although Hinduism Haram women from going to crematoriums, a Muslim woman can visit a haunted house if she wants to. It is will not be Haram for him.

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