Is it Haram to dance? Know when to dance Halal

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is it haram to dance

Islam is a religion of peace and is not a law of chaos or chaos of life. Where a traveler has no chance of finding decency or indecency. One such thing is – is it haram to dance?

In Islam, all entertaining songs, music, and dances are forbidden, which make people unfaithful to Allah. It spoils the brain and increases blood pressure.

Outwardly, women’s dances are seen in society as men’s dances. Where in Islam it is forbidden to reveal the external beauty of women, there is no opportunity to show beauty in the veil.

What is dance?

Dance is a form of expressive movement, which involves the rhythmic display and attraction of body movements. It is a universal human activity, with a rich history spanning thousands of years of culture. Dance serves as a medium of ritual, celebration and artistic expression.

Dance can take different forms and styles, from traditional cultural dance to contemporary and experimental choreography. It can be performed individually or in groups and includes elements such as posture, gestures, facial expressions and various body movements to convey emotion, story or cultural meaning.

Is it Haram to dance?

Yes, it is haram to dance. Outwardly, women’s dances are seen in society as men’s dances. Where in Islam it is forbidden to reveal the external beauty of women, there is no opportunity to show beauty in the veil.

Gathering gatherings of stories and performing songs and dances and songs so that people do not listen to Muhammad. For this reason, one of the Quraysh leaders and wealthy businessmen, Nazar bin Haresh, moved to the then rich city of “Diamond” in Iraq, and from there he learned the stories of the ancient kings of Persia, the bravery of Rustam and Isfindiyar, and started setting up story gatherings in different places in Mecca.

Wherever the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to invite people to religion by telling them about the fear of Hell and the happiness and peace of Paradise, Nazr bin Haresh used to go and tell all those fables and say, are they not better than the stories of Muhammad?

Undeterred by this, he procured many beautiful maids, who were skilled in dancing and singing. He used to arrange dance-song sessions with them at various places and attract people there.

Even if he found out that a person had become a follower of Muhammad, he would put those beauties behind him and order him to use any means to bring him back’ (Ibn Hisham 1/300).

Evidence of dancing Haram

The following verses were revealed in view of the prohibition of dancing and singing and the abominable activities:

“There is a class of people who, out of ignorance, purchase false fictions to divert people from the path of Allah and ridicule the path of Allah. For them is a grievous punishment’ (Lokman 31/6).

Anti-Islamic print and electronic media as vehicles of lies and pranks of the modern age are covered by this verse. The loss of these things in this era is hundred times more than that era. Because in that era, only the audience and listeners of the place where these things were displayed were infected.

But in the modern era, it has a negative impact on billions of viewers and listeners worldwide. Therefore, in order to escape from the severe punishment of hell, it is necessary to be more careful on the part of media related persons and heads of families and leaders of various levels of society and administration.


is it haram to dance in private?

Private dancing and singing can be done without music. Dancing and singing without music is not prohibited. But of course it is haram or prohibited in front of the mahram of the body. Only girls (eg at weddings) can dance and sing songs (which do not contain any haram words) among themselves.

But its sound and fury cannot reach men in any way. And as much part of the body is supposed to be exposed, it should be taken care that no more part is exposed during dancing.

is it haram to dance at weddings?

Dancing in public at weddings is forbidden. However, if some girls dance and sing among themselves in the presence of public eyes during the wedding ceremony, there is no haram, then it is halal.

It should be noted that the sound and noise of their dance cannot reach the Opposite gender in any way. And the video of the wedding dance cannot be recorded. Because it may lead to haram later.

is it haram to dance on tiktok?

It is sad but true that many boys are seen wearing girls clothes on Tiktok. Many girls also upload videos of dancing and acting in boy’s clothes here.

Through this, in fact, a kind of distortion is achieved in creation, which is forbidden in the eyes of Islam. Also, according to Islamic law, it is forbidden for boys to take the shape of girls and for girls to take the shape of boys.

So according to Islamic research, most of what happens on TikTok is directly against the principles of Islam. It is against Islamic law. So using TikTok and uploading videos is Haraam in the eyes of Islam.

But yes, if someone uploads and promotes here any discussion of Islamic law, welfare of people without music, then it will be legal.

is it haram to dance with a girl?

No, it is not haram to dance with a girl. Musibi said, we were with Imam Malik. His companions were around him. A man coming from Nasibain region asked him, O Abu Abdillah! We have here a group of people known as Sufis.

They eat and drink a lot, then recite poetry, then stand up and dance. Owner asked, are they children? The man replies, no. The owner asks, but what is crazy? He said, no. They are older, plus their heads are fine. I have never heard Imam Malik, a follower of Islam, do such a thing before.

The man said again, they eat and drink, then stand and dance in turn, some patting his head, some patting his cheek. Imam Malik laughed at this and went home.

The owner’s companions said to the man, this is Mia! You put our partner in danger. We have sat together with him in Majlis for more than thirty years, but never saw him smile before today.

is it haram to dance with your husband?

No, it is not haram to dance with your husband. Wife can dance for husband. Through this, the love for the wife will increase in the husband’s heart. May make him interested in you. As a result, the husband can take happiness in a halal way, and the wife can also enjoy pleasure.

Then this may cause the husband to increase his love for his wife and refrain from looking at haram places. Because, there are some husbands who indulge in the sin of giving evil eye to the dancers.

And it may be a reason for him to be satisfied with lawful means and to abstain from sin, that he will no longer cast a glance at the dancers. Therefore it is not haram.

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