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Haram things in Islam

If you are interested in knowing Haram things in Islam then you have come to the right place. Because here I will discuss more than 100 haram things. I will also mention the top 10 Haram.

What is the meaning of Haram things in Islam?

Haram is anything that Muslims cannot accept. Everything that is irrefutably prohibited by the Qur’an and Sunnah is unanimously Haram. It can be any activity food or lifestyle or sport.

Another word synonymous with haram in Islam is Najaez. However, due to the degree of meaning and underlying application of the two words, the provisions of both differ from case to case. However, in many cases, Muslim scholars apply Haram and Najaez to the same subject.

The relationship between the two words can be said to be that every haram is impermissible, But not every impermissible is haram. Every haram is impermissible, But not every impermissible is haram.

Although the word Najaez most often means Haram and Makruh Tahrimi, sometimes the word Najaez is also used for Makruh Tanjihi. (Raddul Muhtar: 1/131-132, 6/337, Fatawae Faqihul Millat: 2/207)

Haram Things in Islam

Haram things in Islam include killing people, stealing, drinking, usury, bribery, rape, adultery, eating dead animals, etc.

Apart from this, many other things are prohibited. Islam is a holistic way of life. Islam has specific guidelines in every aspect of human life.

Food, drink, clothing, lifestyle, speech, manners, behavior, and education, Islam has given good instructions for people in every field.

The prohibitions are scattered in many places in the Qur’an and Hadith. Therefore, it is very difficult to specify the Haras objects in Islam. Because it’s a big thing. So you need to know the specific provisions on specific subjects.

Harmful aspects of haram

If you eat haram, all the worship of people will not be accepted by Allah Almighty. And that is a great victory for Satan. This is why Satan openly misleads people. Gives evil incitement in the heart. Leads to lewd and evil deeds. And all this indulges in haram.

It should be remembered that life-long prayers, fasting, Hajj, Zakat, and all other acts of worship will not be fulfilled. But at the same time, you have to survive from the haram. It is also a great act of worship to devote oneself to earning a halal livelihood in the way prescribed by Allah following the Islamic precepts according to the provisions of the Qur’an.

As a result of leading a life in a haram way, on the one hand, food and drink become haram, on the other hand, through a haram lifestyle, unhappiness, and unrest occur in the life of the world at the personal, family, social and state levels of people.

Top 10 Haram Things in Islam

  1. Shirk
  2. the magic
  3. murder
  4. interest
  5. Eating orphan’s wealth
  6. escape from war
  7. Slander against chaste women
  8. homosexuality
  9. robbery
  10. gambling

List of Haram Things

  1. Associating with Allah.
  2. Abandoning prayer.
  3. Disobedience to parents.
  4. Killing people unjustly.
  5. Cursing parents.
  6. to cast spells.
  7. Embezzlement of orphan’s wealth.
  8. Escape from the field of Jihad.
  9. Slandering chaste believing women.
  10. not fasting
  11. Not paying Zakat.
  12. Not performing Hajj despite having the power.
  13. Believing in the validity of magic.
  14. To trouble the neighbor.
  15. to boast
  16. Chugalkhori (putting one’s words to another with intent to quarrel).
  17. commit suicide
  18. severing kinship ties.
  19. Consuming ill-gotten gains.
  20. Donate a favor.
  21. Taking drugs or intoxicants.
  22. Participating in the preparation and promotion of liquor.
  23. gambling 24. Denying destiny.
  24. Claiming to know the news of the unseen.
  25. Giving dharna to the accountant or asking the accountant for information about the unseen
  26. Not being clean from urine.
  27. Narrating false hadiths in the name of Rasool (Sallalahu alayhi wa sallam).
  28. Describing false dreams.
  29. lying
  30. perjury
  31. Selling goods under pretenses.
  32. Indulging in adultery.
  33. Indulge in homosexuality.
  34. Trying to eavesdrop on people’s secrets.
  35. Hilla i.e. contract-based marriage.
  36. For which it is called.
  37. Hurt the dignity of the human race.
  38. To cry aloud for the dead.
  39. Being isolated from Muslim society.
  40. Abusing a Muslim or getting into a fight with him. 42. The trick is to make an animal the target of a throwable weapon.
  41. Harboring a criminal.
  42. Sacrifice animals in the name of someone other than Allah.
  43. Underweight.
  44. Using foul language in quarrels.
  45. Not administering justice or governance according to Islamic law.
  46. Alteration of land boundary or forcible occupation of subsequent land.
  47. Practicing someone’s fault by gossiping.
  48. teeth grinding
  49. Facial hair removal or eyebrow waxing for cosmetic purposes (eyebrow plugging)

more List of Haram things in Islam

  1. Adding/attaching hair to the head (using a wig)
  2. The man’s woman is quite restrained.
  3. Women’s men are quite restrained.
  4. Looking lustfully at the opposite sex.
  5. Accepting the grave as a mosque.
  6. Do not give the passerby even if he has extra water with him.
  7. Wearing a garment hanging below the ankles of a man.
  8. Breaking the bayat or oath of allegiance made to a Muslim ruler.
  9. to rob
  10. to steal
  11. Negotiating, writing, or witnessing interest.
  12. Bribery.
  13. Embezzlement of booty (wealth obtained from infidels through Jihad) before distribution.
  14. Having sex in the wife’s anus.
  15. To oppress.
  16. Threatening or pointing at someone with a weapon.
  17. Cheating or cheating.
  18. Riya or doing good deeds for the sake of showing off.
  19. Using vessels made of gold or silver.
  20. Men wear silk garments and gold and silver.
  21. Abusing companions.
  22. Passing in front of a praying person.
  23. The escape of the servant from the master.
  24. Calling for false doctrine, Jahili customs, or heresy
  25. Doing any misdeeds or misdemeanors in the holy Makkah and Madinah.
  26. Abetting an offender. 78. Practicing disrespect for Allah.
  27. Asking for divorce without necessity.
  28. A woman whose husband is unhappy with her.
  29. Disobedience to the husband.
  30. Denial of husband’s contribution by wife.
  31. Publicizing the union of husband and wife.
  32. Creating conflict between husband and wife.
  33. Too much cursing.
  34. betray
  35. Failure to fulfill commitments.
  36. Betrayal of deposit.
  37. Tattooing or tattooing on the body.
  38. Non-payment of debts.
  39. Bad-tempered and arrogant who does not take advice.
  40. Hanging amulets-charms, rings, threads, etc.
  41. Cheating in exams.
  42. Selling adulterated products.
  43. Deliberately knowingly wrongdoing.
  44. Making judgments without Allah’s law.
  45. Acquiring Knowledge of Deen) for worldly purposes.
  46. When asked about any knowledge of religion concealing it even in the known facts.
  47. Claiming someone other than your father as your father.
  48. Obstruction in the way of Allah.
  49. When asked about the knowledge of a deen, concealing it even if known.
  50. Claiming someone other than your father as your father.
  51. Obstruction in the way of Allah.

Ways to determine the Haram things in Islam

  • One of the things that is haram can be found.
  • Sins for which the punishment of hell has been mentioned in the Islamic Shariah.
  • Sins for which punishments are prescribed in the world.
  • Allah is angry about the sins mentioned.
  • The actions which Allah Ta’ala, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the angels have cursed.
  • About the work mentioned, the person who does this – is not from the group of Muslims.
  • Or the work in which a non-relationship with Allah and the Messenger (PBUH) has been declared.
  • Things that have been identified as signs of hypocrisy.
  • The work that says ‘no religion’ and ‘no faith’ etc.
  • Or the act that declares war with Allah Ta’ala is mentioned.

Opinions of scholars

The only way to determine things that are haram is to clearly and irrefutably mention something negative or unacceptable in the Qur’an or Hadith. There is no room for a different meaning in the said verse or hadith.

According to the Hanafi Madhhab, Haram is divided into several categories namely Haram and Makruh etc. And there are some things which are neither enjoined nor prohibited, but merely fall into the realm of legality.

The opposite of haram is fard or obligatory action prescribed by Shariah. The prescriptive provisions of the Shari’ah are of several types according to the level—injunctions such as Farj, Wajib, Sunnat Mustahab, etc.

Although the classification of all Islamic rules is not mentioned in the Qur’an-Hadith description, the Ummah’s Faqeeh and jurists researched the Qur’an-Sunnah. They shaped the rules into different levels and organized them.

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