Is flirting Haram? Finding the secret path to romance

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flirting Haram

Flirting is a non-Muslim culture. Muslims have to share many interactions and activities with non-Muslims in daily life. As a result, many of their behaviors influence Muslims. One such is flirting. Many brothers and friends get involved in it without knowing whether it is Haram in Islam or not.

In this article we will write flirting is forbidden. Why is it Haram? Is flirting compatible with the Muslim lifestyle? Also, we will see where the culture of flirting originated from. What are the consequences of the present biography and after death? We will discuss that now.

What is flirting?

Flirting is a playful behavior common in society. It involves subtly expressing romantic or affectionate interest in someone. It is a form of communication and It usually means a deeper relationship than friendship.

Moreover, It can also be expressed through non-verbal cues, such as body language, eye contact, and gestures. Flirting can also include verbal communication with compliments, teasing, or light eye contact.

The goal of flirting is to express romantic or sexual interest in a way that feels pleasant and light. It creates connection and attraction between individuals.

Flirting can happen in a variety of settings including people’s chats, offices or workplaces, social gatherings, work environments, or online platforms. However, there are many reasons why flirting is forbidden in Islam.

Is flirting Haram

Yes, flirting is Haram. Because obscenity is strictly rejected in Islam. a believer can never do obscene, indecent behavior and abuse.

Because he believed in the holiest and most excellent word which Allah Rabbul Alamin called ‘Kalimatut Tayyaba’ or ‘Sacred Word’.

So the mouth of a believer will always flow with sweet words and the ears of others will receive them as sweet words. A believer can never use obscenities, indecent words, abuse, cursing, rebuking, sarcasm, contempt, boasting, pride, taunting, boasting, backbiting, enmity, hatred, or contempt. These are the complete opposite behavior of Kalima Tayyaba.

Allah Ta’ala says: ‘Don’t you see that Allah gave the likeness of Kalima Tayyaba with the help of something? Its likeness is like a good tree, whose roots are rooted deep in the ground and whose branches reach to the sky.

At every moment he gives fruit at the command of his Lord. Allah Ta’ala gives this parable so that people can learn with its help. On the other hand, the likeness of false speech is an evil tree, uprooted from the ground and cast away, which has no stability.’ (Surah Ibrahim: 24-25)

Hadith on flirting is Haram

One who builds his life system based on Kalima Tayyaba, cleanliness in his thoughts, calmness in his disposition, balance in his temper, purity in his character, sweetness in his behavior, modesty in his behavior, honesty in his dealings, truthfulness in his speech, firmness in his promises and commitments.

He will have virtue in his social life, though in his speech, and purity in his face. In short, a revolutionary change will be initiated in the overall lifestyle. No inconsistency will be observed anywhere in the way of life.

Anas Ibn Malek (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) was not a profanity-laced, cursing or abusive person. When he was displeased, he would only say that what happened to him? May his forehead be ruined. (Bukhari: 5611; Kitabul Adab)

Masrook narrated, When Mu’awiyah came to Kufa, we went to Abdullah Ibn Amr. He mentioned the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and said:

The Prophet (PBUH) never used to speak indecent words; And even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t say it. He also narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The best of you is the person who is better in character than all of you.” (Bukhari: 5594; Kitabul Adab)

flirting Haram
flirting Haram

Scholars’ opinion

The main reason flirting is haram is that it promotes obscenity. Allama Ibn Ashur (r.a.), a famous tafsir scholar of the modern age, wrote, ‘The literal meaning of adultery or obscenity is to cross the legal boundary.

In other words, obscenity is transgressing the limits of words and deeds permitted by Islamic Shari’ah.

But Allama Ibn Qasir (RA) made this definition more clear and limited. According to him, adultery is the biggest area of obscenity. Therefore adultery and all gestures, words, actions, images, and gestures that entice adultery are included in obscenity. And the true form of flirting is adultery. So it is haram.

All forms of obscenity are prohibited in Islam. It is said, ‘Say, my Lord has forbidden open and secret indecency, and sin and inconsistent opposition, and associating with God that of which He has not sent down any authority, and speaking of God that which you do not know’ (Surah: A’raf). , verse: 33)

It is a crime to spread obscenity in society. Exposing someone’s private character or still image is also a heinous act of obscenity. It has been stated, ‘For those who like the spread of obscenity among the believers, there is a painful punishment in this world and the next.

Why Flirting Is Haram – 7 Reasons

Some of the reasons why flirting is Haram in Islam are:

  • Modesty and Chastity: Islam emphasizes modesty and chastity. Flirting violates these policies. So flirting is forbidden.
  • Avoiding sinful behavior: Flirting that leads to sinful acts, such as adultery. Adultery is strictly Haram in Islam.
  • Respect for Boundaries: Islam instructs us to respect personal boundaries. And flirting teaches people to go beyond their limits.
  • Protection of dignity: Islam teaches protection of one’s dignity and reputation. Conversely, actions that compromise one’s dignity or tarnish one’s reputation are prohibited.
  • Avoiding Temptation: Islam prescribes avoiding situations, which may lead to temptation or sinful behavior. And flirting leads to seduction. So it must be avoided.
  • Maintaining Family and Social Harmony: Islamic education emphasizes maintaining harmony between family and society. Flirting can disrupt social relationships and family harmony.
  • Focusing on serious objectives: Islam encourages individuals to establish relationships with serious objectives such as marriage. Flirting is the opposite of this principle.


Flirting is always Haram in Islam.

Flirting is always Haram in Islam. Although the idea of flirting can be different. But it cannot be accepted based on any argument or opinion. Because there is a strong possibility of sinful behavior and adultery.

Can flirting be allowed within the boundaries of Islamic principles?

Some cynics argue that light-hearted exchanges and respectful flirting are permitted within Islamic boundaries. But they are wrong. They are promoting the culture of non-Muslims among Muslims.

What is the difference between flirting before and after marriage in Islam?

Yes, there is a difference between the concept of flirting before and after marriage in Islam.
Marriage flirting is forbidden. But flirting is comfortable after marriage. Flirting then makes a committed relationship sweeter.

What is the scope of personal interpretation about flirting haram?

No, there is no room for personal interpretation regarding the permissibility of flirting in Islam. Although in some cases personal interpretation may play a role. But there is no room for personal interpretation contrary to the clear injunctions of the Quran and Hadith.

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