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If you are one of those who waste time on social media, then you must know about Snapchat. And that’s why you searched – Is Snapchat Haram?  

I hope that in this article – What is Snapchat Ruling in Islam? You are going to get informative answers to these and related questions.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular messaging app that allows users to share photos, videos, and disappearing messages.  

Many people think of it as a camera app only, as the primary purpose of this app is to take filtered photos or record videos.

Key Features of Snapchat

Although not a massive list of features, Snapchat has its characteristics. Every component of Snapchat is unique.  

The main features of Snapchat are –

Snap: A photo or video sent to one or more friends using the app is called a Snap in Snapchat parlance. 

Video snaps can be a maximum of 10 seconds. Sent messages are automatically deleted after the recipient views the message.  

Sent messages that have not been checked for more than 30 days are also automatically deleted. But if you add a snap to the story, it stays for 24 hours.

Stories: Stories are an easy way to share photos or videos with all your friends on Snapchat.

Snapstreak: If two users exchange a Snap at least once every 24 hours for three days, it is called a Snapstreak. In that case, a flame emoji is displayed next to the friend’s name.

Filters: Filters aim to give a new look to a snap with overlays, effects, etc.

Lenses: Animated special effects are called lenses. The lens is used directly when taking pictures.

Geo-filters: Filters provided based on user location are called geo-filters.

Snapcodes: Snapcodes are those special QR codes that can be scanned to see filters and content and add friends on Snapchat. Each user has a different snap code.

Memories: The Memories feature saves snaps and edited stories on Snapchat.  You can also post to older Snap Stories using Memories.

Friends page: If you swipe right from the camera screen, you will see the friends page. This page displays all chats with friends and their stories.

Bitmoji: Cartoon-like icons called Bitmoji, which users use as self-portraits.

Is Snapchat Haram? 

No, Snapchat is not Haram in general. So any Muslim can use it and communicate with his friends and relatives through it. 

It is a social platform like any other social media. So in some instances, Snapchat may be prohibited for a particular person.

Snapchat has to follow all Islam’s rules on social relations. Otherwise, it will be Haram.

When will Snapchat be Haram? 

There are some reasons and features why Snapchat is banned. If a particular person has that characteristic, then Snapchat will be Haram for him. 

The following are the features of Snapchat being Haram: 

Use of Bitmoji 

If a Snapchat user has created Bitmoji on his profile, it will be Haram for him because Bitmoji is Haram.  

Talking to nonmahrams 

The non-mahram concept has to be strictly followed on social media. If one talks to a man or a woman on social media, it is Haram. 

The provisions of Islam must do communicated on Snapchat.  

Propagation of obscenity 

If someone promotes obscenity on Snapchat, then it will be Haram for him.

For example, if someone shows obscene gestures or shares pictures in any Snapchat video, Snapchat will be Haram for that person.


Snapchat is a video communication social media like other social media. It is not haram. So anyone can use Snapchat following Islamic rules and regulations.

But if using Snapchat violates the restrictions imposed by Islam, then it must be haram only for that person.

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