Islamic way to last longer in bed? 8 Best Ways and practices

Suhel Ahmad


Every man wants to stay in bed with his wife for a long time. But it is not possible due to various reasons. After a short period of intercourse, the husband becomes lethargic. Then, he was unable to stay in bed for long. For this, many brothers ask – Islamic way to last longer in bed?

As a result, many times, the wife has to be deprived of getting complete sexual pleasure. And if the wife can’t enjoy it from the inside, she has to live with mental pain.

Anger is born in the wife from this suffering. It gradually creates marital strife. Similarly, various other difficulties arise due to being unable to satisfy the wife physically.

So today, we are discussing some Islamic ways to last longer in bed. Hope this post will be helpful for everyone.

Islamic guidelines for husband and wife to last longer in bed

In Islam, there is a complete guide to the relationship between husband and wife in bed. Just as Islam does not support extra-marital relationships, it does not impose such strictness on the bed relationship of husband and wife in post-marital life.

How husband and wife relate in bed depends on their taste and desire. Romance with one’s married wife in bed can also earn merit. A unique medium for Muslim couples.

In a hadith, a Companion asked Rasulullah – Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam – and said, ‘Can a man gain merit by having intercourse with his wife?

Then Rasulullah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – said, If he has sexual intercourse in a haram way (with a girl who is not his wife or an enslaved person), will it not be a sin for him? So why not be rewarded by having lawful intercourse?’ (Sahih Muslim – 720)

It is clear from this hadith that in Islam, physical relations with the wife are not only permissible. Instead, it is also a worship.

However, there are some cases of prohibition in Islam regarding relations between husband and wife in bed. We discuss them below.

  1. Anal Intercourse. It is forbidden in Islam.
  2. Intercourse during the period of the wife.
  3. Coitus with the wife up to forty days after childbirth.
  4. Intercourse in the state of Ihram.

What is the Islamic way to last longer in bed?

We will give some tips while discussing the Islamic way to last longer in bed. Taking it can help you stay in bed longer. May you find more joy in life.

However, it is difficult to say precisely how long you can stay. Because differences in countries and diets lead to differences in the time and energy men perform in bed.

An Arab man cannot be compared to a Bangladeshi, Pakistani, or Indian Muslim man because there are many differences between Arab and South Asian men.

Again, an African and an Arab man will not be equal in bed-making power. There must be a difference in their bed strength. But today, I will share some ways that everyone can perform in bed while saving a little more time and energy from their position.

Below, we are discussing those issues step by step. Read carefully first. Then, practice it in your life. You will get good results in Sha Allah.

 Islamic way to last longer in bed
Islamic way to last longer in bed

Preparation for last longer in bed

Many couples may feel there is no need to prepare before bed with their spouse. But the reality is different. Training is the best Islamic way to last longer in bed. This way will increase the level of pleasure in bed.

And preparing means mentally building strength. To create interest and consciousness in the mind towards female intimacy. Although T is accomplished through body-to-body contact, mental preparation is required to savour it.

Instead of playing in bed every day, play with your wife in bed with a few days’ delay. It will increase your excitement and happiness.

Play with your wife’s body before entering her.

An intimate environment with the wife creates a joyful and pleasant bed relationship. The following formalities will play a role in gaining intimacy and creating an atmosphere.

  1. Stay in a pleasant bedroom with your wife.
  2. Close the door and window of the room completely.
  3. If staying in a hotel, make sure there are no hidden cameras.
  4. Turn off the power light and turn on a soft-coloured lamp.
  5. Play a catchy song. But stay away from haram songs.
  6. Recite the dua of intercourse. Also, keep the Niyaah pure.
  7. Start thinking arousing thoughts while looking at your wife’s body.
  8. Gently kiss your wife on the forehead.
  9. Start playing with each other’s body. You can take 69 positions for this.
  10. Move hands over touching parts and continue sucking lips and tongue.
  11. Get closer to each other, enter, and keep thrusting slowly. Keep cutting the bed like this.

Consuming aphrodisiac foods

Now we are discussing some foods. Foods That Will Help Extend Your Bedtime. It’s a more effective Islamic way to last longer in bed.

Islamic way to last longer in bed best wayes
Islamic way to last longer in bed best wayes
  • One: Eat a certain amount of almonds regularly. You will find different types of nuts in the market, like Wood Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Pistachio Nuts, etc. You can buy various kinds of nuts and mix them. Although not all types of nuts increase the power of this work, they come with other benefits.
  • Two: Make it a habit to consume a certain amount of honey regularly. Honey is a proven sexual enhancement food.
  • Three: Make a habit of eating black cumin seeds. Also, you can use black cumin oil in cooking and massage it with a particular machine.
  • Four: You can eat dates every day. Ajwa dates are best. If not possible, eat any other suitable date. All the items discussed above can be mixed. However, taking it in excess can cause difficulty falling asleep.
  • Five: Include vegetables and fruits in the diet. Eat it regularly.
  • Six: You can eat wheat bread and beef. It is a sexual enhancer.

Change of mind in a different direction

An effective way to increase bedtime is to divert the mind.

Take your mind off the bed you are engaged in. Keep up the excellent work. But keep your mind busy elsewhere.

For example, count the numbers backwards from one hundred after you start tapping in the game. First ninety-nine, then ninety-eight, then ninety-seven. If you do this, you will see that your mind will be busy with other work.

This way, you won’t get out if you keep your mind occupied. You can play in bed with your wife for a long time.

Exercise regularly

Specific exercises can make performance in bed stronger and more effective. For this, you can do Cagle exercises regularly. In this case, Cagle exercises can give good results. This is an effective Islamic way to last longer in bed.

All these exercises are very beneficial, especially for those who have become lethargic due to excessive bad habits or suffering from any other disease.

If you are suffering from anxiety about your married life, then remove it and start these exercises from today. Search Google or YouTube to see what exercise is proper for you. Then, keep doing that exercise regularly.

Give up bad habits.

Various bad habits take root in many people. These bad habits affect her sex life.

We list some bad habits below. Those who engage in these activities can have a happier life if they leave them.

  • The habit of masturbation
  • Porn viewing habits
  • The company of evil friends
  • Reading pornographic movies and books
  • Looking at gay mahram women
  • Awkward thoughts about girls’ bodies

But never use any gel or tablet to prolong bedtime without the guidance of a knowledgeable doctor.

Because these drugs may temporarily make your penis thicker – more extended and more robust, but it will gradually make you sexually impotent.

I believe that if we adopt the discussed tips, our sexual power and ability will improve with the will of Allah.

Along with that, you should pray regularly and pray to Almighty Allah that He fills your married life with happiness and peace.

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