Is it Haram to go to a concert? Great sin and severe punishment

Suhel Ahmad

Is it Haram to go to a concert

All over the world, in colleges, and universities, parties, and concerts are held every day. There is a combination of boys and girls dancing and singing. But before going to a concert as a Muslim, you must know that – Is it haram to go to a concert?

Concerts consist of dancing, singing, and various entertainment activities. Although entertainment is acceptable in Islam, it has a limit. All these naked concerts are not right. You can find out why concerts are forbidden in this post. What are its consequences etc?

Is it Haram to go to a concert?

Yes, it is Haram to go to a concert. because It is haram for a Muslim man or woman to take part in any event in which non-mahram men and women, boys and girls, regardless of standing together, girls walking around without veil, dancing, and singing are taking place.

For these are the ceremonies of iniquity directed by Satan. According to Islam, singing, playing, cohabiting with non-mahram children, women traveling far away without a mahram man, veiling, etc. are all haram and prohibited acts.

Evidence of going to a concert is haram

At the concert, the youth are exposed to the drug kingdom. He commits various misdemeanors while drunk. Allah Ta’ala forbids drugs and says,

Believers, wine and gambling, altars of idolatry, and fortune-tellers are abominations, works of Satan. So reject it, so that you may be successful. Through alcohol and gambling, Satan wants to create enmity and hatred among you, to prevent you from remembering Allah and praying. So you do not refrain from these? (Surah al-Maida, verses: 90-91)

Gena commits adultery at the concert. There young men and women indulge freely in association and misdeeds. Residential hotels, community centers, bars, dance halls, beaches, and nightclubs clubs become unannounced brothels. Our growing age boys and girls are losing their chastity.

Allah Ta’ala also forbids approaching adultery, saying, “Do not approach adultery, surely it is an indecent act and an evil way.” (Surah Bani Israel, verse 22)

Nabiji (PBUH) said, that surely if a man gets together with a woman in private, their third partner is Satan.

Concerts are a waste of money. There is a flood of waste of money in all the arrangements that are made on the occasion of the concert. But Islam forbids wasting all money. Allah Ta’ala says, ‘Children of Adam, wear beautiful clothes during every prayer. Eat, drink. But don’t waste it. Surely Allah does not love the wasteful.

Why concert is forbidden in Islam?

When there is a concert, singing, and cultural program of boys and girls together, or an event like a school trip or a picnic, where there is ample opportunity for dancing, singing, and music and young women to enjoy themselves, and girls travel without a mahram man, it becomes the devil’s hideout.

There is no telling how much sedition and disobedience to Allah can take place there. For the devil in all these places stirs up the lusts of hedonism and sensuality, and presents iniquity more attractively to them.

Therefore, organizing or sponsoring a concert by a school, college, university, party or any other organization is haram, as well as the participation of a religious self-respecting Muslim in these events is also haram.

What is haram for organizing concerts?

Yes, organizing concerts is haram. Because the responsible person mustn’t allow any kind of disobedience to Allah in his organization. If he does not fulfill this duty or encourages anti-Sharia activities among students, then he must be held accountable by Allah on the Day of Resurrection.

Because there is a hadith, it is narrated from Abdullah Ibn Umar (RA) that the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said:

Know! Each of you is responsible, And each of you will be asked about your subordinates.

  • Therefore the Imam – the one in charge of the people – will be asked about his subordinates.
  • The male householder is responsible for his family; He will be asked about his subordinates.
  • A woman is responsible for her husband’s family, and children, she will be asked about these.
  • A person’s slave is responsible for his master’s property; He will be asked about it.

Know that everyone is responsible and each of you will be asked about what is his responsibility.’ (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith Number – 6653)


Indeed, in our sin-crippled society, it has become very difficult to walk with religion, faith, and morals. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) rightly said:

“Soon a time will come to mankind when the person who observes the religion with patience will be like one who holds the embers of fire in the palm of his hand.” (Sahihul Jame, Hadith Number – 8002)

Today, the concert has become a great sin all over the world. People engage in that haram concert without knowing or understanding. May Allah forgive us. amen


If someone is forced to go to a concert, will it be haram?

If a person is forced to go to a concert by his educational institution or for any other reason, he will stay away from participating in these events subject to the permission of the authorities.

If that is not possible, he will try to avoid various excuses. But if that is not possible, he will go with everyone with a feeling of hatred in his heart, but he will stay away from activities that disobey Allah, such as playing music, being naked, mixing children, etc., and try to keep others away. At the same time, repentance and forgiveness will be done to Allah Almighty.

Are there specific guidelines for determining whether a concert is haram or not?

Scholars consider many factors, including the nature of the event, the type of music, and the potential for sinful behavior, to declare concerts haram. Concerts that contain obscene or inappropriate content are prohibited.

Can cultural or religious events with music be halal?

No, cultural or religious events with music are not halal. However, some scholars distinguish between cultural events and religious events. Cultural events that adhere to Islamic principles and do not involve prohibited activities are called halal

What is the general advice for Muslims about concerts?

Muslims must exercise caution and refrain from attending concerts. Instead, it is better to seek guidance from wise religious scholars, recite the Qur’an, and do other good deeds.

Is it haram to have any kind of entertainment or vacation?

Islam presents a balanced view in every aspect of life. Entertainment is subject to certain conditions. It is imperative to avoid activities that lead to sinful behavior or compromise one’s religious obligations.

How do different Islamic schools of thought view concert attendance?

Different schools of Islamic thought have different opinions about attending concerts. It is forbidden according to everyone. However, it is advisable to consult scholars of one’s mind for specific guidance.

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