Is it Haram to be friends with a guy? Clear and informative answers

Suhel Ahmad

The word friend is a very comforting word. Friendship is a bond that draws people together as well as pushes them apart. Its pull is so strong that even one’s dearest life can be given for a friend’s need. The question is, are there any boundaries in friendship? Is it haram to be friends with a guy?

Because many friends get their own goals by deceiving him with his unfathomable words and tricks. Many friends lead the way to hell. Many boyfriends take away everything from their girlfriends.

A friend is such an attractive thing, which is very mysterious. In fact, friendship is a sacred relationship that consists of mutual dependence, cooperation, and love at the same time. This post discusses what it haram to be friends with a guy.

Is it Haram to be friends with a guy?

Yes, It’s Haram to be friends with a guy. Because Islam gives us a clear and orderly way of life. According to that system of life, we relate to people in our daily lives. Friendship between boys and girls is forbidden in the Holy Quran. Therefore, it is forbidden to make friends with guys.

But without making friends, if necessary, you can talk to others. That would be through a boundary and policy. A verse in the Holy Quran teaches how to speak to boys.

Remember it’s not friendship with guys but talking out of necessity. It is permissible to talk to them as much as is necessary, but it is Haram to be friends with a guy.

In the following two verses, it is said about how the communication method of men and women will be:

“And when he came to the well of Madayen, he saw many men watering their animals, and on one side two girls separated and tending their animals. Musa asked the two girls, ‘What is your problem?’

They said, ‘We cannot give our animals water until these shepherds take their animals away, and our father is an old man.

Hearing this, Musa gave their animals water to drink. Then he went and sat in a shade and said O our Lord! I look forward to whatever goodness you send down to me.” (Qasas: 23-24)

Why is friendship with guy Haram?

The reason why friendship with a guy is Haram is that Allah Ta’ala forbids this kind of friendship in the Qur’an and Rasulullah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – in the Hadith. Guy friendship at first begins naturally, but its final outcome often turns into adultery.

First friendship, then talking on the phone or texting, then going to campus or a restaurant or a park to sit side by side or walk holding hands and talk. Then there may be various conditions. In general, every act that is done about guys is adultery according to Hadith Sharif.

There is a hadith in this regard – it is narrated from Abu Hurairah (RA) that the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: The fornication of the eyes is – seeing; The tongue being the Jina – speech, the heart desires and excites, and the genitals either implement it or not.”

In Sahih Muslim, there is also – a “Zina of two eyes is seeing, Zina of two ears is hearing, Zina of the tongue is speaking, Zina of hands is holding, Zina of feet is walking, heart desires, And the private parts either implement it or they don’t.

Ibn Battal (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “Sight and speech are said to be Zina because they are the real inviters of Zina. That is why the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The secret organ either implements it or it does not.” (Fathul Bari)

What is the way to avoid guy friends in Islam? 8 ways

  1. Set Clear Boundaries: Clearly define your personal boundaries and make them known. Communicate your commitment to maintaining a respectful and modest interaction.
  2. Group Settings: When socializing, try to do so in group settings rather than one-on-one. This helps to minimize potential misunderstandings or uncomfortable situations.
  3. Involve Family: If possible, involve your family in your social circles. This not only aligns with Islamic values but also provides a supportive environment.
  4. Choose Activities Wisely: Engage in activities that are conducive to group participation, such as community service or educational events. This allows for interaction while maintaining a positive and respectful environment.
  5. Practice Modesty: Adhering to the principles of modesty in dress, speech, and behavior is important. This creates an atmosphere of respect and dignity.
  6. Limit Private Communication: Minimize private messaging or personal communication with opposite-gender friends. Keep interactions transparent and open.
  7. Seek Same-Gender Advice: If you have concerns or need advice, consider seeking guidance from same-gender friends or family members.
  8. Prioritize Religious Values: Ensure that your friendships align with Islamic principles and values. If a friendship becomes a source of temptation or compromise, it may be necessary to reevaluate its nature.
Is it Haram to be friends with a guy?
Is it Haram to be friends with a guy?

Who will be friends with?

Since friendship is a good thing, be friends with good people. but remember it’s Haram to be friends with a guy. There are clear instructions in the Quran and Hadith Sharif regarding the choice of friends. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an –

“Believing people will never make friends of disbelievers instead of believers.” If any of you does that, he will have no relationship with Allah.” (Surah Al-Imran: 28)

This verse means that we will accept as friends a person who is faithful, pious, truthful, virtuous, accustomed to doing good, and upright. Since we cannot live without friends, we must be very careful in accepting friends.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said about this, “Man is influenced by the religion of his friend. So let each one of you consider whom he takes as a friend. (Tirmidhi)

This hadith means that one should be careful in choosing friends. No bad people can be friends. Being friends with others can lead to life destruction.


Is it inherently forbidden to keep a guy friend in Islam?

Yes, a guy friend is clearly haram. Because it usually leads to inappropriate relationships. Some argue that this may be permissible with clear boundaries. However, their misconception is that there is no place for friendship between boys and girls in Islam.

What are the boundaries of friendship with the opposite sex in Islam?

Friendship with the opposite sex is haram in Islam. But if necessary, they keep the limits of talking to each other. Those guidelines often include maintaining modesty in dress and behavior, avoiding seclusion, and minimizing unnecessary personal interactions.

Can men and women be friends without any romantic intentions in Islam?

Some people who do not have full knowledge of Islam say that men and women can be friends without any romantic motive. But the right thing is – all kinds of gay friendships are forbidden.

Is there any Quranic evidence specifically prohibiting friendship with the opposite gender?

Although the Qur’an emphasizes modesty and appropriate behavior, there are no specific verses that expressly prohibit friendship between men and women. Scholars derive guidance from various verses regarding modesty and social behavior.

Can friendship lead to forbidden relationships in Islam?

Islam encourages marriage as a suitable means of deep relationships. If a friendship has the potential to lead to a romantic relationship, it may be advisable to consider marriage or reevaluate the nature of the friendship.

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