Is it Haram to visit the pyramids? Know the secret truth

Suhel Ahmad

Is it Haram to visit the pyramids

The American dollar has a picture of a pyramid. On it is an eye and the image of Satan. For this reason, many Muslims believe that the pyramid is a reflection of Satan. They asked, is it haram to visit the pyramids.

About the pyramid

A pyramid is a large geometric structure with triangular outer faces that meet at a vertex. The pyramid is situated on a polygonal ground. A solid on a polygon that has one vertex and each of whose sides is a triangle.

In 1995, archaeologists discovered an underground passage next to the largest of the Great Pyramids of Khufu, which led researchers to believe that there may be many secret passages inside the Great Pyramid. About which they still do not know.

Is it Haram to visit the pyramids

No it is not haram to visit the pyramids. Because although the pyramid and one eye symbols are used in the American dollar. It is according to their idea and belief that the one who built the pyramids is their promised Lord, whom we know as Dajjal.

But we, as Muslims, believe that the pyramids are an ancient industrial and educational monument. Visiting it will broaden our world of knowledge and we will realize that before us there were many powerful people on earth, who have already perished. Our strength is very little compared to their strength.

From there we can take practical lessons in our life. The pride of our mind will be removed. So we will visit the pyramids and it is not a haram or sinful act in Islam. In many places of the Holy Quran it is said to acquire knowledge by visiting educational places and events in the world

What does the Qur’an say about the pyramids?

It is believed that the Qur’an may contain references to the pyramids. (The verse is in Surah Qasas 38)

The verse is ‘And Pharaoh said, O people of the assembly, I do not know that you have any god but me, so O Haman, (burn the clay and make bricks, Haman was Pharaoh’s minister, adviser and the person in charge of his kingdom) burn bricks for me and build a lofty palace; Maybe I can climb it and see the God of Moses.

(Build a high and strong palace. On which I can ascend to the sky and see if there is any Lord besides me?) And I think that he is surely of the liars. (Moses’s claim that there is one Lord in the heavens, Lord of all the worlds, I consider him a liar in this claim. (Surah Qasas 38)

Many mufassirs of the Qur’an believe that Pharaoh ordered his minister Haman to build the pyramid. These pyramids have been standing for hundreds of years. Many believe that the towering building built by Pharaoh has been destroyed. However, there is more to say in favor of the pyramid issue.

Visiting the pyramids will be rewarded?

Yes, visiting the pyramids will be worthwhile. The world is scattered with the joy of God’s creation. These creation mysteries and historical monuments are calling people every moment. The famous traveler Ibn Battuta said, travel tells the mystery of God’s creation, travel increases our confidence. Every man should develop his heart by seeing the diverse creations of God by traveling near or far according to his ability.

Is it Haram to visit the pyramids

Traveling is commanded in Islam to see the great creation of Allah Almighty, to earn, to acquire knowledge, to cure diseases and to purify oneself. If one travels with the intention of reward, the entire journey will earn him reward. There is welfare and virtue involved in traveling or tourism as a family or group for the sake of enlightenment.

Why is it to visit the pyramids?

There are many reasons why visiting the pyramids is not Haram, which we will now discuss.There are various feats of God’s power all over the world. Seeing this, people will think and research. Will strengthen faith and deeds. However, Islam has not given permission to travel for any evil purpose.

Islam has never discouraged travel. In numerous verses of the Holy Qur’an, travel abroad is urged. Allah says in one verse:

‘Say, travel through the earth and see what happened to those before you! Most of them were polytheists.’ – (Sura: Rum, verse: 42)

Travel expands the world of thought and contains educational elements. The Qur’an has given special attention to this instructive aspect of travel.

It has been said, “Say, travel in the world, then see, what was the end of those who lied about the truth?” (Surah: An’am, verse: 11)

Basically, it is very easy to save for life by observing various things in the country and abroad through travel. People’s eyes and ears are opened because of the tour. Truth is helpful in taking the right path and approach. Allah says:

“But do they not travel in the world, that their hearts may understand and their ears may hear (the truth).” – (Surah: Hajj, verse: 46)
Many things in the universe remain unknown unless they come out of certain terrain. Each place in the world has different characteristics. Apart from entertainment, those places also have food for thought for the thoughtful.

Reasons for building the pyramids

An important part of the religion of the ancient Egyptians was the belief in reincarnation. They believed that wealth, wealth and other worldly things will be needed in the world after death. Therefore, after the death of kings and queens, gold, silver and precious gems were given along with the corpse.

Their bodies were mummified and preserved, and all their slaves were killed, so that they would not lack service in the afterlife. In these tombs or pyramids mummies were made before the bodies were buried. There was a novel method behind making mummies. The mummies were preserved in such a way that they would not rot. But the problem was, these mummies and other valuables were feared to be stolen if not kept in a safe place.

Before the construction of the pyramids, trapezoid-shaped tombs called mastabas were built. Rods were not used in mastaba in ancient times. Therefore it was impossible to build these mastabas higher. Over time, step pyramid designs became popular instead of these mastabas.

The main reason behind this is the geometric structure of the pyramid. Usually the entire weight of the building rests on its foundation. So the higher the height the stronger the base must be. The area of the pyramid decreases with height. Since the base of the pyramid has a larger area than the upper layers, the pressure on it is less and the structure is stronger. So the only way to build a very high tomb was to adopt a pyramid shape design.

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