Is it Haram to touch your breast? Know the truth and save yourself

Suhel Ahmad

Is it Haram to touch your breast

Your breast is an organ that you take special care of. This organ is shy and pleasurable. It is embarrassing for you to expose in public but it will give you pleasure when you play with or touch this organ in private. But the complicated matter is whether it is haram for you to touch your breast.

Because we grew up drinking milk from this organ. So we have an innate pull towards it. It is this breast that creates sexual attraction. From the number of stories and events around the world centred around women’s breasts, we know how tempting and enjoyable it is.

Is it Haram to touch your breast?

No, it is not Haram for you to touch your breast. Every day we need to touch the breast for various needs, like massaging oil or lotion, itching or applying medicine etc. we need to touch the breast. It is never forbidden. From this point of view, it should be remembered that the breast is an organ like any other organ in our body.

Breasts on the other hand are the organ through which sex can be enjoyed. Breasts play an important role during intercourse and Breasts play a role in arousing libido. So if you touch or press and play with your breasts with the thought of sex, it is not normal touching.

It will gradually lead you towards haram. It will gradually attract you towards zina or fingering and one of the principles of Hanafi Fiqh is that an act which invites you to haram is also haram. Therefore if you start playing with your breasts to enjoy sex then it will be haram for you.

There is no sin in touching the breast

Touching the breast is not a sin, it is not haram. And if one does it with sexual thoughts then he must abstain from it. But in no case should you perform ablution or bath after touching the breast. Because touching the breast does not invalidate wudhu.

In this way, his bath will not be obligatory. He can continue his worship as usual. But if doing so causes juice to come out of his genitals, then ablution will be void. And if the goods are out, then take a bath.

Hadith: Touching the breast does not invalidate ablution

Hadith narrated by Qays Ibnu Taalaq Ibnu Ali: He said, I touched my private part or said, if a person touches his private part while praying, is ablution obligatory on him? The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, “No, it is only a piece of your body.” The hadith has four sources:

The first source: Narrated by other Sunan compilers, except Ibn Majah, on the authority of his father, on the authority of Mulazim Ibn Amr and Abdullah Ibn Badr, on the authority of Qays Ibn Talaq Ali, on the authority of his father.

Imam Tirmidhi said, this paragraph also contains the hadith narrated by Abu Umamah. One source of the hadith is Ayyub ibn Utbah and Muhammad ibn Jabir. Kiram criticizes some Muhaddiseen about Ayyub and Muhammad.

Therefore, the hadith of Mulazim Ibn Amr is more authentic and better. Imam Bayhaqvi said in Sunan al-Kubra: There is an objection regarding this Mu’lazim Ibn Amr in the Sunad.

Second source: On the authority of Ibn Majah on the authority of Muhammad Ibn Jabir on the authority of Qays Ibn Talaq. Muhammad Ibn Jabir is weak in the Sanad. Fallas said: He is Matrook. Ibnu Main said He is nothing.

Third Source: On the authority of Abdul Hamid Ibn Ja’far on the authority of Ayyub Ibn Muhammad Al-Azali on the authority of Qays Ibn Talaq. It is in Ibn Adi. Abdul Hamid of Sanad is considered weak by Sawri, Azali and Ibn Ma’in.

Why is breast touching attractive?

Is it Haram to touch your breast
Is it Haram to touch your breast?

Men have a different attraction to the female body. There are no men who are not attracted to shapely breasts in women’s bodies. Not only men but also women are very proud of their breasts.

Women are very worried about the shape and structure of the breast. If the breasts are small in size or not the right size, drooping, women become over-concerned. But why? Why so attracted to breasts? According to experts, there are some reasons behind this, let’s know them. This is why men want to touch women’s breast, but this is haram

Why do people want to touch breasts?

  1. The first reason is that women’s breasts look very beautiful when they are well-formed. No matter what shape he is in. Men will be attracted to it. Beautiful breasts give women a unique personality. Looking at a girl, every man’s eyes are fixed on her breasts.
  2. Breasts are symbols of femininity. Breasts make the difference between male and female bodies. Otherwise, it is not possible to distinguish male and female from outside. The division of women’s breasts is a source of pride for them. Many women therefore wear clothes that show cleavage.
  3. Women’s attraction to breasts is not from today. From the earliest times, seeing the well-formed breasts of women arouses strong desire in men’s minds and bodies. There is also a psychological reason behind this. That is, fertile and fertile women have beautiful breasts. So men choose women with beautiful and shapely breasts as life partners.
  4. Some parts of the woman’s body can be understood from outside the clothes. Especially the size of the breast can be understood. If it is formed like that, men’s eyes are stuck there. The fire of desire that burns in the mind or body is called ‘Visual Stimulation’.
  5. A woman’s entrance to her inner world is her breast. Touching the breast before intercourse arouses sexual excitement in both men and women. Gradually the fire of Kama spread throughout the body. The role of breasts in foreplay before intercourse cannot be denied.
  6. No matter how old the relationship is, a man’s attraction to his partner’s breasts never goes away. Men find their peace in the breasts of their wives after a long day of work. Men love to seek peace by resting their heads on their breasts. Studies show that men who sleep with their heads on their breasts are healthier, live longer.


Is it forbidden to touch a girlfriend’s breast?

Yes, it is Haram to touch a girlfriend’s breast. Some boys and girls make physical contact after dating and both girlfriend and boyfriend think that pressing the breasts will increase their size. But everyone has this false idea in mind. Squeezing the breast does not increase it in any way, but prolonged physical intercourse may cause a slight change in the shape of the breast.

Why want to touch the breast?

Some girls, when they are alone, focus on their breasts and begin to tap them to increase their size. But this is a complete misconception, as various studies have shown that in no case has taper increased breast size. But yes regular massage will bring a slight change in breast shape, which is quite time-consuming.

Research by scientists has revealed that when women are sexually aroused, this excitement increases blood circulation to various parts of the body, which can lead to an increase in breast size. But in this case, women need enough excitement in their bodies.

What happens if you do not touch the breast?

The two main hormones responsible for the development of the female body are estrogen and progesterone. Irregular secretion of these two hormones at different ages leads to changes in breast shape.

Some women use various drugs and creams to increase breast growth but ultimately fail. There is no other option than getting breast implants like celebrity actresses to increase breast size overnight, but this is quite risky as it can lead to breast cancer. And the other method is time-consuming, you have to massage for a long time using cream or oil as advised by the doctor.

This is also the reason for breast enlargement – when a woman regularly lifts heavy objects or after marriage when she is pregnant and breastfeeds her child. Women who exercise regularly have breasts that change in shape and become more attractive but remain the same size.

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