Is it Haram to talk to your crush? The yes or no, clear and definite answer

Suhel Ahmad

A word has become popular now. The word is ‘crush‘. As a result, this question is also very crowded, Is it Haram to talk to your crush? In this age of internet drama-cinema songs and social media, any star who is beautiful and beautiful is the crush of the youth. On the other hand, handsome stars are also crushes of young women.

Is it Haram to talk to your crush?

Yes, it’s definitely Haram to talk to your crush. Because in Islam talking to the opposite gender is allowed subject to necessity. But talking to a girl with the desire for love in mind without necessity is haram in the ultimate stage. It is a type of genre.

Hafiz Ibn al-Qayyim-Rahimahullah – wrote, ‘Looking or talking is the originator of obscenity, the bearer of the message. So the control of looking and speaking is mainly the preserve of the secret organs. He who makes eye and speech free, open, and all-seeing, puts himself on the verge of moral decline and destruction.

All the perils and stumbling blocks that people fall into morally, looking and talking are the main cause of it all. Because looking first arouses attraction, attraction immerses people in thought-delusion, and this thought creates in people the excitement of lust.

This excitement stimulates willpower, and will and instinct are strengthened into determination. This determination gained more power and made things happen in reality. When in reality there is no obstacle, then one has no choice but to face this reality.” Al-Jawab al-Kafi, page 204)

Talking to a crush is haram and Quranic guidance

Allah Ta’ala revealed the verses for the Prophet’s wives:

O wives of the Prophet! You are not like other women (Jews, Christians). If you fear Allah, do not speak attractively, so that those among you who have sexual desire may be attracted to you. Instead, you speak normally. And stay in your dwellings, do not expose yourselves like the girls of the Jahili era.’ (Surah Ahzab: Verse 32)

In the light of the mentioned verses, it can be understood that Islam does not support the free movement of men and women, speech, and equal participation in various activities, not only in social media.

This verse clearly states that no Muslim man can talk to a Muslim woman unnecessarily. And if there is a disease in the mind – the disease of love and the person you are talking to has a crush, then it is definitely forbidden to talk to that class.

Talking to a crush is haram in the hadith

Abu Huraira – Radiyallahu Anhu – said, The Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace – said – Surely Allah Ta’ala has prescribed a portion of adultery for Bani Adam. He must be involved in it. The Jina of the eye is to see, the Jina of the tongue is to speak, to create lust and lust, and the genitals are to prove truth or falsehood. (Muslim 46/5, Hah 2657, Ahmad 8222)

Rasool Kareem ﷺ was asked: ‘What is your ruling on casual glances at second wives? He said, “Turn your eyes to the other side.” (Abu Dawud 2148, Sahih Al-Albani)

Refocusing can happen in several ways. The purpose is to keep oneself pure from the corruption of seeing the second wife. If one suddenly catches sight of someone despite absolute reluctance, it is the duty of a believer to immediately lower the eyes and move away.

Both these hadiths forbid talking to a crush. There are also many hadiths that forbid talking to a crush and looking at it.

Talking to a crush is haram and the opinion of Islamic scholars

Allama Khattabi-Rahimahullah – wrote in his explanation of the above-mentioned hadith: ‘The reason for calling looking and talking Zina is that both are preludes to real zina – the previous stage of the main act of Zina.

Because the sight is the opener of the secret world of the mind and the tongue is the bearer of the message, the genitals are the instrument of implementation – the prover of truth.(Ma’alimus Sunan Volume 3 page 223)

Allamah Ibn Kasir (R.A.) wrote in this context: “Sight is an arrow that poisons the hearts of people.” (Ibn Kasir Volume 3, page 376)

As these two are different instructions, the former is the inevitable consequence of the latter, i.e., preservation of the private parts is possible only if the gaze is controlled. Otherwise, he would have to plunge into extreme moral degradation no doubt.

Is it Haram to talk to your crush
Is it Haram to talk to your crush


How can I approach my crush in a halal way?

You can approach your crush with sincerity, honesty, and respect by marrying him according to Islamic rules, making sure that your intentions are in line with Islamic principles.

Is it okay to have feelings for someone?

Yes, feelings towards someone are right and normal, but it is essential to manage them within the boundaries set by Islam. One should get involved in any haram activities with extreme passion.

What does Islam say about dating?

Islam encourages chaste and respectful interactions, discourages casual dating, and encourages serious, purposeful relationships.

How can one control their emotions in relationships?

Prayer, self-reflection, and seeking guidance can help regulate emotions within the confines of Islamic principles.

Is there a place for individual interpretation in Islam regarding crush?

Islam has clear guidelines on what is haram to talk to a crush, there is no room for individual interpretation on this subject within the larger framework of Islamic teachings.

Is it haram to have a crush on a non-Muslim

Yes, having a non-Muslim crush or girlfriend is also haram. Islam has enforced the principle of speaking equally for both Muslims and non-Muslims. So just as it is haram to talk to a Muslim crush, it is haram to talk to a non-Muslim crush.

What to do if I like a non-Muslim girl?

If you like a non-Muslim girl, you should subtly invite her to Islam. If she accepts Islam, marry her. Otherwise, turn away from him.

Is it haram to talk to a crush on the phone or messages?

Yes, it is forbidden to talk to crushes on the phone or in messages. Because talking on the phone or texting also leads to temptation.


In conclusion, talking to your crush is forbidden. By embracing Islamic values, encouraging respectful communication, and dispelling myths, individuals can navigate relationships in harmony with their beliefs.

Remember, personal experience and cultural context shape the understanding of haram in relationships.

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