Is it Haram to insult others? Know the acceptable answer

Suhel Ahmad

Is it Haram toi nsult

Different types of people live in our world. Many people feel insulted by other people in their daily casual activities. Many of us unknowingly criticize others. That’s why this question comes to us, is it haram to insult?

In this blog post, we will discuss whether insulting others is haram or not in Islamic view. In this post, we will attach Quran and Hadith references with the opinion of Islamic scholars and above all a correct decision.

What is the insult?

An insult is a disrespectful or offensive comment or action that hurts or offends someone. It can take many forms, including verbal comments, gestures, or other behavior that belittles, belittles, or criticizes a person.

Insults can be directed at a person’s appearance, intelligence, abilities, or other personal qualities. Although disagreements and conflicts are a normal part of human interactions.

Humiliation is usually done out of negative thoughts and contributes to a hostile or unhealthy social environment. Islam strictly prohibits insulting anyone. The opposite encourages respectful behavior and dealing with conflicts in a constructive manner rather than resorting to insults.

Is it Haram to insult?

Yes, it is forbidden to insult others. Making fun of all these shows impersonality. It is not the work of a believer. Because a believer can never mock his other brother.

Can’t blame anyone. Can’t slander anyone. So there is no trolling or making fun of anyone’s illness and death. Even if he is a disbeliever, he cannot be insulted.

Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) used to recite a poem when he was ill, the meaning of which is, ‘Every person is called good morning to his family, but death is closer than his shoelace. ‘

People may respond to God’s call at any time. No one knows when, where, or how Allah will call him.

Almighty Allah says, ‘No one knows what he will achieve tomorrow, and no one knows where he will die. Surely Allah is All-Knowing and All-Aware. (Surah Luqman, verse 34)

Quran verses on insulting others?

In the Holy Qur’an, Almighty Allah said, ‘O you who believe, let no community mock another community, perhaps they are better than the mockers. And let no woman mock another woman, lest they be better than the mockers.

And do not slander one another and do not call one another by bad names. How inferior is the name of evil after faith? And those who do not repent, are the wrongdoers. (Surah Huzrat, verse: 11)

The mentioned verse prohibits any community from mocking or insulting another community. But we always troll people from one area with another area, one district with another district, and one group with another group.

Looking at the situation of some, it seems that they think trolled worship is Nauzubillah. There is no question of trolling about someone’s illness or someone’s death. It could also be that you are trolling the person with his illness, sending him to hell before he dies. But before that, Allah can lift you.

Is it Haram toi nsult
Insult in Islam

Insult someone in Islam Hadith

One day a funeral procession was passing by our Prophet (PBUH). Then he stood up. At that time he was told that the funeral was of a Jew. He said, ‘Isn’t that human?’ (Bukhari, Hadith No: 1312).

See how the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has set an example of compassion even in the death of a non-Muslim. And while we are doing dirty politics, we are subjected to violence and we are constantly muttering insults about other Muslims.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘Avoid your (bad) opinion towards anyone. Because thinking (badly) about someone is the biggest lie. Do not find fault with others, do not spy, do not be envious of one another, do not harbor enmity against one another, and do not engage in conflict with one another. Rather, all of you should be servants of Allah, brothers and sisters. (Bukhari, Hadith No: 6064)

Why is it forbidden to insult others?

Insulting others is Haram because Islam has given great respect to people. In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala said, “I have honored the son of Adam.” Just as Islam honored people while they were alive, they also honored them after death.

That’s why Islam has instructed people to be buried respectfully after death. It is forbidden to abuse a person while he is alive by insulting him or in any other way. Because of this man suffers in his mind. And it seems very lonely.

Just as our body can be hurt, so can our mind. Although no human being on earth can perceive it, the person who gets hurt can feel it gradually.


is it haram to insult Shaytan?

Insulting Satan is not explicitly prohibited in the Quran. Rather, Satan is mentioned in many places in the Qur’an as an insulted being. There is no reason to respect him. However, indulging in foul language or talking unnecessarily, even to Satan, is not encouraged in Islam.

It is Haram to insult the wife?

Yes, it is forbidden to insult the wife. Because Islam emphasizes kindness, respect, and compassion in marital relations. Insulting or mistreating one’s wife goes against these principles. The Quran encourages spouses to treat each other with love and understanding. Verbal abuse, including insults, is strictly prohibited in Islam.

Is it Haram to insult someone?

Yes, insulting or harming others, whether by word or deed, is generally considered haram (forbidden) in Islam. Islam promotes justice, kindness, and good behavior towards others. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized on treating people with respect and refraining from harmful speech.

What is the punishment for insulting someone in Islam?

Islam encourages reconciliation and forgiveness. However, if someone has been insulted or defamed, the aggrieved party may seek redress through legal means or mediation. An Islamic court judge can punish him physically or financially based on the circumstances. The severity of any penalty will depend on the specific circumstances and legal system.

Is it haram to be rude?

In Islam, rudeness and disrespectful behavior are discouraged. Islamic teachings emphasize the importance of good manners, kindness, and respectful behavior in all areas of life. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was known for his excellent character and taught his followers to treat others with compassion and courtesy.

Rudeness can damage relationships, create hostility, and contribute to a negative social environment. Believers in Islam are encouraged to treat others in a manner that promotes understanding, compassion, and goodwill. The Quran enjoins forgiveness, patience, and avoidance of harmful behavior.

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