Is It Haram for a Husband to Drink His Wife’s Milk? An Exploration

Suhel Ahmad

Is It Haram for a Husband to Drink His Wife's Milk

It is not Haram for a husband to increase the sexual excitement of both by sucking his wife’s nipples. In that case if the ( drink) wife’s milk goes into his stomach, then there is no harm in it and the wife does not become his mother. Because all the conditions of haram by drinking milk are:

  1. Must drink milk by two years of age. So drinking milk after that is not haram.
  2. Drink it five times.

So drinking 2/4 times has no effect. And even if you drink more than 5 times in a big state, there is no harm. (Ibn Baz, Ibn Uthaymeen)

If the wife’s milk goes to the husband while sucking the nipple, will the wife become haram?

If the wife’s milk goes into the husband’s stomach during Ratikreeda, then the wife will not become the husband’s mother. Because there are two conditions to become a “mother” by giving milk:
(a) Drink milk five times at different times.
(ii) Weaning should be within weaning age. And that is within two years of age. Since God Almighty says,

“I have commanded man to be kind to his parents. The mother endures hardship after hardship to conceive the child and two years pass before it is weaned.” (Lukman: 14)

Mothers shall nurse their children for two full years; If one wants to complete the time of milking. (Baqarah: 233)

So breastfeeding after two years of age does not prove motherhood. And if the ‘mother’ is not proved, the wife will not be haram. (Ibn Uthaymeen)

Quranic Guidance and Scholarly Insights

The Quran does not explicitly address the issue of a husband drinking his wife’s milk. However, it does provide clear guidance on the primary purpose of a woman’s milk:

“Mothers shall suckle their children for two whole years, for those who wish to complete the term.” (Quran 2:233)

This verse emphasizes that a mother’s milk is intended primarily for her child, not for her husband. Islamic scholars generally agree that the milk produced by a woman is meant to nourish her child, supporting the child’s growth and development.

Ethical and Emotional Considerations

In addition to religious guidance, ethical and emotional considerations play a significant role. The act of a husband drinking his wife’s milk can be seen as inappropriate and against the norms of modesty and respect that Islam upholds in marital relationships.

The Role of Affection and Foreplay

It is not Haram to drink the milk of one’s wife, because the Prophet (PBUH) did not forbid it. And there is no prohibition in this regard in the Qur’an. But the wife’s milk goes to the child first. You can eat after the baby is full.

We should understand that there are many younger youths in Kora. What will they think after seeing your question? They will think that they will get married and breastfeed a girl.

Drinking milk is not so easy. Wife’s nipples will hurt but milk will not come. Again the milk that comes out of the wife’s breast after giving birth is for the baby. It goes inside the mouth after sucking it with her soft mouth.

You suck to see if the milk comes. It won’t come even if you suck it hard. In pain, your wife will say why are you sucking so hard. No need to do that. it hurts

Sucking the wife’s breast or milk during foreplay. to excite him. Don’t drink milk. The milk area of ​​the wife’s body is very sensitive. The baby gets excited even if he gives mouth but the husband gets extremely excited when he gives mouth. Husbands do it just for foreplay or interaction.

Physical Discomfort and Practical Concerns

If you suckle to feed, you will be disappointed because you will not be able to draw milk through your mouth like a baby can.

People are not cows and goats. If a cow was a goat, milk could be produced liter by liter, but human breasts do not have enough milk to produce liter by liter. The amount that comes out is the juice that comes out due to hormonal reasons after having a baby.

If you think you will eat it without giving it to the baby, ask the wife to express some milk in the feeder. When the baby is finished eating, you suck the feeder.

The baby does not have so much energy, yet milk comes out when the baby mouths, but the wife has so much energy. At night, the bed is covered with linga, but no milk comes even after sucking the milk and poisoning it. If a little comes, if you put it in your mouth, nothing will happen. Avoid doing these things.

Just be ashamed of yourself. He drank mother’s milk as a child. Now he ate his wife. Just eat cow’s milk. How much will you make the mother nation smaller? Keep your wife’s milk for your child. How many children grow up sick without mother’s milk. The baby eats the mother’s milk. You drink cow’s milk vita milk.

If it is permissible in Islam, do you drink your wife’s milk? These things can not be understood from their own conscience? If Islam said it can be eaten, would you eat that milk? Didn’t feel bad?

A Romantic Perspective on Marital Intimacy

In a romantic and loving relationship, the goal is to nurture and cherish each other. The intimate moments shared between husband and wife should strengthen their bond and bring them closer. While some might argue that there is no explicit prohibition against this act, the consensus among scholars leans towards caution and respect for the purpose of the milk and the comfort of the wife.

Conclusion: Respect and Sensitivity in Marital Relationships

In conclusion, while there is no explicit prohibition in the Quran or Hadith, the consensus among Islamic scholars is that a husband should refrain from drinking his wife’s milk. This guidance is based on the primary purpose of the milk, ethical considerations, and the potential discomfort it could cause the wife.

Marital intimacy should always be approached with sensitivity, respect, and a deep understanding of each other’s needs and boundaries. Cherishing your partner and fostering a loving and respectful relationship is at the heart of a successful and fulfilling marriage.


Q: Is it explicitly mentioned in the Quran or Hadith that a husband cannot drink his wife’s milk?
A: No, there is no explicit mention. However, the consensus among scholars is based on the purpose of the milk and the principles of modesty and respect.

Q: Can engaging in such an act harm the marital relationship?
A: Yes, it can cause physical discomfort to the wife and may affect the mutual respect and affection in the relationship.

Q: What is the primary purpose of a woman’s milk in Islam?
A: The primary purpose is to nourish her child, as indicated in the Quran (2:233).

Q: Are there any circumstances under which it might be permissible?
A: The general scholarly opinion is that it is not permissible under normal circumstances due to the reasons outlined above.

Final Note

In the sacred bond of marriage, it is essential to consult with knowledgeable religious scholars for personalized guidance. This ensures that both partners maintain a loving, respectful, and fulfilling relationship grounded in the principles of Islam.

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