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Is Drinking Alcohol Haram

The purpose of the laws of Islam are five, namely to protect life, to protect wealth, to protect knowledge, to protect the sanctity of lineage, and to protect Iman Aqeedah. Drinking alcohol, gambling adultery are Haram. Because of people’s family, wealth, conscience, intelligence, dignity, life, and the world, this life and the hereafter are blessed.

All types of alcohol are forbidden. Islam has prescribed severe punishment for this. Its purpose is to protect human knowledge and conscience. Because, if a person’s common sense is not protected, he will harm himself, his family, the country, the nation, and the state.

All crimes in the world are associated with three things, namely illicit wealth, alcohol, and illicit women. These three reasons will exist behind the destruction of human civilization.

Is drinking alcohol Haram?

Yes, drinking alcohol is Haram. Among the five fundamental prohibitions of Islam are drinking alcohol, gambling, and illicit intercourse with women. Some crimes are self-controlled; If you want, you can leave it.

But drinking, gambling, and the attraction of illicit women are crimes beyond one’s control; He takes control of these himself. As a result, he cannot come out of there even if he wants to. Even if the criminal wants to get away with the crime, the crime doesn’t get away with the criminal.

Drinking alcohol, gambling and adultery are crimes that create a chain of crimes at a compounding rate. Two angels named Harut and Marut were caught in the web of various crimes including murder and corruption due to drinking alcohol, greed for illegal money, and illegal women. The Qur’an tells us their story. That is why drinking alcohol is Haram.

Quranic and Hadith guidance on drinking alcohol

The Quran prohibits drinking alcohol. Allah says, ‘O Messenger (PBUH), people ask you about alcohol and gambling. Say, in both there is great sin and also benefit to man; But their sin is greater than their benefit.’ (Sura-2 Baqarah, verse: 219).

Hazrat Anas Ibn Malik (R.A.) narrated that Rasulullah (S.A.W.) said, ‘Some of the signs of the Hour will be the loss of knowledge, the spread of ignorance, the spread of alcoholism and drugs, the spread of adultery’ (Bukhari Sharif, Vol. I, Hadith). : 80).

Substances that cause addiction, the human brain is impaired, and the natural sense does not work properly; Those things are haram. For the protection of humanity, Islam prohibits alcohol completely.

Aisha (R.A.) narrated that Rasulullah (S.A.W.) said, “All drinks that cause intoxication are haram.” (Bukhari Sharif, Vol. I, Hadith: 241).

The Prophet (peace be upon him) commanded the representatives of the tribe of Rabi’ah to do four things: to believe in Allah, to establish prayer, to pay zakat, and to fast during the month of Ramadan; Giving one-fifth of the booty.

Forbade four acts: using dried gourd shells, green pitchers and tar polished vessels (as drinking vessels)’ (Bukhari Sharif, Vol. I, Hadith: 87).

Why drinking alcohol is forbidden

Alcohol is described in the hadith as ‘Ummul Khabayes’ i.e. the source of all kinds of iniquity. Alcohol is the main factor in immobilizing and paralyzing human life in all aspects.

Like the harmful and harmful aspects of alcohol, Allah has declared many other food items that are harmful to the human body and health as haram or forbidden. Any worship of people fed by these haram food items is not acceptable in the court of Allah. Because Allah only desires the welfare of people, not harm and harm.

The use of alcohol is not new here. Its practice has been going on since ancient times. During the Jahili era of Arabia, alcohol consumption was unusual and widespread, along with gambling. These two things took a terrible form. Even after the advent of Islam, alcohol and gambling continued in full swing. Later Islam gradually alcohol is Haram.

drinking alcohol, gambling, and adultery are forbidden in all religions, and punishable by all laws. One should protect oneself and one’s family and future generations from alcohol, gambling, and adultery for a pure and pure, successful, and meaningful life.

For the development of the country and the protection of the nation, family awareness should be created about these anti-social crimes, crimes, and misdeeds, social resistance should be developed and strict administrative measures should be taken from the state level.

Drinking Alcohol Haram
Is Drinking Alcohol Haram


Is alcohol mixed with salt haram?

Yes, alcohol mixed with salt is also haram. If someone considers alcohol as halal, he will become a disbeliever. There is no room for alcohol to be considered halal under any circumstances. Drinking alcohol is unanimously considered a sin by poets. It is called the root of all sins in Hadith Sharif.

Because those who take drugs lose their normality of thinking, extreme inconsistency is observed in his words and actions. That is why in Islamic Sharia the punishment of flogging for Muslim drunkenness has been determined. Buying, selling, and even carrying alcohol has been declared haram for Muslims.

Which verse of the Koran prohibits drinking alcohol?

Several verses prohibit alcohol, including Surah al-Baqarah (2:219) and Surah al-Mayidah (5:90-91).

What is the rationale behind the prohibition of alcohol in Islam?

Alcohol consumption has negative effects on individuals and society. Such as weakening conscience, leading to immoral behavior, and damaging health. Islam seeks to protect individuals and communities from these harms.

Is there any time to drink alcohol in Islam?

In general, there is no excuse for drinking alcohol. Avoid drinking any amount of alcohol. But there is an exception for a person who becomes incapacitated or who drinks alcohol as a medicine.

What are the consequences of alcohol consumption in Islam?

Alcohol consumption is considered a sin in Islam and leads to negative consequences in both this life and the hereafter. Some Islamic countries have legal punishments. Moreover, it exposes individuals to spiritual harm for violating Islamic principles.

Can Muslims use alcohol for medicinal purposes?

There is disagreement among Islamic scholars about the use of alcohol for medicinal purposes. Some scholars allow it if there is no alternative treatment.

Is it forbidden to drink alcohol in all sects of Islam?

Yes, alcohol is forbidden. This is a basic principle. All major Islamic sects and schools of thought, including Sunni and Shia, have a common opinion on this matter.

How should Muslims behave when there is alcohol in social gatherings?

Muslims should avoid environments where alcohol is consumed. If attending such a gathering is unavoidable, one should politely decline any offer of alcohol without drinking it.

What is the punishment for drinking alcohol in Islamic law?

In Islamic countries and legal traditions, the punishment for drinking alcohol is 40 lashes. The judge may also impose fines or other penalties. But his spiritual consequences and punishment in the next life are more severe.

Is there any alternative to alcohol in Islamic culture for socializing?

Yes, there are various non-alcoholic drinks and options. which Muslims can enjoy for socializing. Such as fruit juices, soft drinks, and mocktails.

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