How to attract your husband sexually in Islam? 17 Tips and Tricks

Suhel Ahmad

attract your husband sexually in Islam

What do you want as a wife to attract your husband sexually? I know you will say yes. Because every woman expects her husband to love her with everything. But not all wives are so lucky. But there are certain teachings in Islam which if applied can make your husband sexually attracted to you.

10 easy ways to attract husband sexually in Islam.

  1. Talk to your husband by looking him in the eye. Show your husband how much you love him with your eyes.
  2. Keep yourself clean. Always keep yourself tidy. Take care of yourself. Use perfume.
  3. Help husband in various tasks. By helping your husband with his various tasks, you will get his attention and help with various household tasks.
  4. Be social with his family and friends. Treat your husband’s family and friends as your own. Every boy is usually attracted to girls who are sociable and sociable.
  5. Stop talking on the phone with someone else while you are together. Also, try to show your husband how much you care about him while talking on the phone. You are completely attracted to him.
  6. Ask the husband various questions, especially about him. Husband always likes to talk about her. Like his likes, dislikes, favourite things, likes, dislikes etc.
  7. When entering somewhere go first and open the door to welcome him. This matter is very dear to men.
  8. Admire her beauty. Eg – You look very beautiful. The dress fits you well, etc.
  9. Take advice from your husband. E.g. – Seeking feedback before starting any work. This will make him think that you care about him.
  10. Highlight the positive aspects of the husband. Eg – You seem cheerful. All your work is good. You are very positive etc.

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attract your husband sexually in Islam 2
attract your husband sexually in Islam 2

In Islam, the relationship between spouses is highly valued, and there are several ways to enhance the sexual attraction between partners while adhering to Islamic principles.

Here are seven ways to attract your husband sexually in Islam.

Maintain Physical Appearance: Keep yourself well-groomed and presentable. Dress modestly but attractively according to Islamic guidelines. Take care of personal hygiene and appearance to appeal to your husband’s senses.

Show Affection: Express love and affection towards your husband through both words and actions. Small gestures like hugs, kisses, and gentle touches can strengthen the emotional bond and increase sexual attraction.

Communicate Openly: Encourage open communication about desires, preferences, and fantasies respectfully. Being able to talk openly about intimacy can lead to a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and desires, fostering a stronger sexual connection.

Create a Romantic Atmosphere: Plan romantic dates or special moments together to ignite passion and intimacy. Set the mood with dim lighting, soft music, and pleasant fragrances to create a romantic ambience that encourages intimacy.

Initiate Physical Intimacy: Take the initiative to initiate physical intimacy with your husband. Show him desire and eagerness, and let him know that you crave his affection and closeness. Mutual desire and enthusiasm can enhance sexual attraction.

Prioritize Foreplay: Spend time on foreplay to build anticipation and arousal before intercourse. Engage in sensual activities such as kissing, caressing, and massaging to heighten pleasure and strengthen the emotional connection between you and your husband.

Be Spontaneous: Surprise your husband with unexpected acts of intimacy or affection. Spontaneity can keep the spark alive in your relationship and make sexual encounters more exciting and fulfilling.

Dress to sexually attract your husband in Islam

Clothing is the best way to attract a husband. Any dress can be worn in front of husband. Especially sexy clothes. Many people have shared their experiences about this. You can apply that too if you want.

To understand how to attract a husband, first you need to know how men are attracted. Men are most attracted to vision, i.e. seeing and imagining the rest after seeing something, but depending on what is seen.

But men are also excited by women’s shapely breasts, or women’s bras or bra straps, many girls say why they are excited to see bra straps, how is it?

In fact, after seeing the strap of the bra, the man starts to attract slowly because of what he sees in his imagination, that’s why it is said about seeing and imagining.

So before the husband returns home, get a pushup bra, it will make your breasts look very attractive, and if the ribbon is visible, it will be gold.

If the strap is visible when you read your push up bra, you are already attracted. Because push up bra will make your breasts look higher. Then the husband will want to hold it and caress it.

Another important thing, if you wear a sleeveless, or a little short sleeve shirt along with a pushup bra it will add another dimension.

Clothes that attract your private parts

Your pajamas can be a little tight-fitting, and of course with panties so that you can understand the shape. As if the butt is tight. Wife’s breasts and ass attract husband very much.

And when you talk to him, he will try to talk as little as possible while looking at him, so he will think that you are also petite, this petite attitude of girls provokes boys for sex.

And of course, the less negative words are said, the better, as today your so-and-so relative did such words. It is better if you are talking while lying down while your hips or breasts are touching his body.

Before going to bed at night, change the dress in front of her, so that your push up bra shows the high breasts and the low panties.

Ways to attract husband during sex

Now word game

Tell the husband to suck milk, make a noise, suck milk, or tip milk, the husband is very amused by these words.

  • When the husband sucks the breast, make a little humming sound to convey that it feels good.
  • When the husband sucks your breast and grabs his ass with both your hands, he will feel that you are active.
  • When the time is over like this, you will say enter now, and while doing it Move your body, and bite your lip. Husbands love it.


Is it permissible to use physical appearance to sexually attract a husband?

Yes, it is permissible for husband and wife to maintain their physical attractiveness and dress themselves attractively to enhance mutual attraction. But it should be done within the boundaries of Islamic decency and decency.

Does public display of affection with husband help increase sexual attraction in Islam?

Yes, showing love and affection towards your wife is encouraged in Islam. Showing affection through hugs, kisses and gentle touches will strengthen the emotional bond between spouses and can increase sexual attraction.

Are there guidelines for creating a romantic atmosphere to sexually attract a husband in Islam?

Although there are no specific guidelines, Islam encourages husbands and wives to cultivate romance and intimacy within Islamic boundaries. A romantic atmosphere can be set with dimmed lights, soft music and pleasant aromas. It can help increase intimacy and attract your husband sexually.

Can foreplay be used to attract a husband sexually?

Yes, foreplay can be done to sexually attract a husband. Foreplay is an essential aspect of intimacy in Islam. Engaging in sensual activities such as kissing, caressing and massaging is permissible within the confines of marriage.

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